Playstation emulator?

  jake2 21:53 01 Nov 2005

Can anybody suggest where I can download an emulator to allow me to play my ps games on my pc? I had one of these years ago (not very good if I remember) but lost it when the pc crashed (faulty memory module)I assume this is legal as I have the original games and the playstation?

  Splork 21:56 01 Nov 2005

Bleem demo here click here
I remember playing a perfect emulation of Gran Turismo 2 on an emulator way back, ePSX perhaps....

  Splork 22:00 01 Nov 2005

click here
If you can still get the plugins it should work flawlessly for many games

  flimbo 22:02 01 Nov 2005

Use ePSXe.
click here
Good luck in finding a Bios image.

  jake2 22:03 01 Nov 2005

Thanks Splork. I see folowing your link for ePSX there are three downloads? Do I need to download all three or are they three versions of the same thing? (sorry for being thick!) It also mentions
"Make sure to also download and configure the plugins & playstation bios otherwise ePSXe will not work"
Is this fairly straightforward?

  Splork 22:10 01 Nov 2005

I know I used the first two - there are some configuration options that normally need fiddling with to get the program to work with all PSX .ISO's - you will need to have a PSX BIOS tho, as flimbo mentioned, but that's copyrighted.

  Splork 22:12 01 Nov 2005

I have no idea where you would go to get the BIOS file but you need it to get the emulator to work.

  Chegs ® 23:03 01 Nov 2005

My initial attempts at PS emulators was a traumatic one,Colin McRae Rally at warpfactor 10,000!!!

The car was so flippin quick off the line,it had to have been crashed a dozen times before it was slow enough to control.Corners were a psychic phenomenom,so quickly did they arrive.After a week of frightening myself with my mad cars,I gave up and returned to PS games on a real PS. :-)

  jake2 09:41 03 Nov 2005

Thanks all. I think I'll forget about this idea for now.

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