PlayStation 2, WiFi and ADSL

  Martin : 18:15 03 Jun 2004

Recently, I have noticed that a lot of the PlayStation 2 games I play can be played online or over a LAN. Since this opens up a whole new gaming community for me, I am pretty interested in putting my PS2 on the internet.

I know I can buy a network adapter for my PS2, while will allow me to connect to the internet via a LAN with my PC (which already has a LAN port), that in turn is connected to the internet via a USB ADSL modem.

This is all very good, except for two problems:
1. I will need my PC to be turned on for my PS2 to connect to the internet.
2. My PC and PS2 are at opposite ends of the house, meaning a lot of wiring.

So, as a solution, I have decided to invest in a WiFi network. This will eliminate the need for lots of wires and also will allow me to get a WiFi-enabled laptop in the near future.

Enough with my story and on to my questions:

What would I need to create a WiFi network connecting my PC, PS2 and laptop to my ADSL internet connection? Also, how will I put it all together?

(A simple diagram would be useful)


  Martin : 18:30 03 Jun 2004

If I didn't mention it before, I want to be able to access the internet from my PS2 and laptop without turning on my PC.

  Grey Man 18:55 03 Jun 2004

can you get wireless network adapters for your PS2???

  Martin : 18:59 03 Jun 2004

I don't think so, but i think you can get a sort of adaptor that you plug a LAN cable into that turns it into WiFi

  Grey Man 19:15 03 Jun 2004

I've been looking at some wireless routers on eBuyer and they also have connections for ethernet cables so what you could do is plug an ethernet modem into the router, use a cable to connect the PS2 to it and then use wireless network cards to connect the PC and laptop

You would perhaps need to place the modem and router near the PS2 if you don't want to use a lot of wiring. I think you can buy some routers that have a modem built into them to save replacing your USB modem

  computernerdiamnot 19:45 03 Jun 2004

You can use the netgear DG834G and click here if you look around you can get this modem router and a usb wireless adapter for under £100 click on the PS2 ON THE SITE.

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