playstation 2 problems - anybody?

  farmboy 18:12 13 May 2004

I have a playstation 2 and it plays games and everything is ok. The problem is i have just bought a dance mat for it for my son, and it does not work.
The dancemat is fine i think, the problem lies with the dance mat disks, they are black disks instead of the usual aluminium colour like his other games. when i put them in, it just makes a noise, like a slipping noise.
Are these new disks, that do not work on my playstation 2, My nephew has a new grey playstation2 that stands on its side and they work ok on his.
Or possibly is my playstation playing up.
Any idea anybody?

  ThePharcyde007 21:55 13 May 2004

Is the game for a Playstation 1 console? or PS2?

  PSF 21:58 13 May 2004

The Laser pick-up could be dirty. Open the door and blow inside, I have done that to my sons PS2 before. If you have a cd Lens cleaner disc try that first.

  Tim1964 23:19 13 May 2004

If you can play the game with the handheld controller but not the mat then that will prove that it's the mat. If the disks are black then they are PS1 disks. Even Sony themselves say that 'most' PS1 games will play on a PS2 (note-most not all) The noise you mention is the machine trying to read the disk. Can your son try the game in a friends PS2 to test it? It may be worth cleaning the disk thoroughly as well as trying a lens cleaner as well.

Good luck.

  farmboy 23:23 14 May 2004

I phoned sony after your advice, and they said there seems to be a problem with the box. They are sending another monday to my house and picking the other 1 up. Sony are great!
tanx folks

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