Playstation 2 feezes

  Windsoar 20:53 08 Feb 2004

I know thi is probably the wrong forum, but I don't know of an equivalent with the expertise of those who respond to this message board.
From time to time my son's Playstation 2 freezes. It was a Christmas 2003 present, so it's still quite new. It's not consistently in the same place and the problem applies to different games. Is this normal or a sign of something more sinister? Should I be taking it back under warranty?

  carver 22:12 08 Feb 2004

Check the CD's for any scratches or finger prints on them, if there is any marks or dirt this sometimes cause the screen to freeze or jump about. The best way I've found to clean the disc's is to use a sponge with a mild washing up liquid on and clean them under a running tap and then dry them with kitchen towel.

  DAG88 22:26 08 Feb 2004

if it's happening with all games then I would take it back for a replacment

  pinnicat 00:19 09 Feb 2004

ran a ps2 for a couple of years , before i graduated to more complex problems in the shape of a p.c.
if the freezing is random, don't mess around, get it back to the store and demand a replacement. if you have lost the receipt, don't worry..under consumer law thay have to offer a replacement so along as you can prove in some way that you bought it from there.
stand firm and don't take any lip, they can be smug gits in these games shops.
best o' luck.

  hugh-265156 00:43 09 Feb 2004

as above if its only new and its not working the bring it back to the store and say the "magic" word" ie "faulty"

"stand firm and don't take any lip, they can be smug gits in these games shops"

erm... no.most are very helpful if you dont go in all guns nice.

  Windsoar 20:29 09 Feb 2004

Thanks for the advice - you've answered my enquiry, which is that this is not normal, so I'll take it back to the shop.
As for the approach to the retailer, it's a large chain. As for the "smug gits", well my wife works there!

  pinnicat 22:46 09 Feb 2004

ah well then's not a they will be lovely what tyour wife is...

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