Playing PC DVD's

  CraigW 18:26 12 Aug 2009

Hi Everyone

I am having problems installing the new football manager 2009 edition on my PC. All my other games work, but the new game is a PC DVD and does not want to load for some reason. My disk drive is a DVD-RW which plays normal DVD's perfectly fine, but does not even register with this disk!

Help me

  Grey Goo 20:09 12 Aug 2009

Do you get as far as entering the product code

  Grey Goo 20:12 12 Aug 2009

Or are any of your autoplay settings set to "take no action"

  CraigW 20:29 12 Aug 2009


The Game does not install at all! The drive does sound like it is going to start at first, but nothing happens. You will have to forgive me but I do not have a clue how to turn "take no action" off. I can find it in my disk drive properties, but I cant work out how to de-select it. I am going to "my computer", right clicking on the hard drive, select properties, then auto play, then there is a drop down menu with DVD, and Pictures, music files ect, and in each catagogy there is three programs to select, Media player, open folder to view files, and take no action. If i select any of them, it does not seem to do anything

  Grey Goo 20:56 12 Aug 2009

You need to right click on your DVD drive in explorer and then select properties/autoplay and check. You could use this to see if it helps
click here

  CraigW 22:28 12 Aug 2009


I have tried those suggestions, but they do not seem to be working. I dont understand how i can play dvd's and c.d's perfectly fine, and normal games, but for some reason it just does not like these new ones. Do you think it might be to do with my RW Drive automatically thinking that im copying the game? It is making a surging noise every couple of seconds, but does not register on the screen that it is doing anything. I might try buying a read only drive!

  Grey Goo 22:49 12 Aug 2009

Have you tried cleaning the disk, may be dirty/ damaged/dud. Do you have access to another machine to try it out on.

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