playing PAL DVD's on a NTSC TV

  kuhbler 05:56 11 Jan 2003
  kuhbler 05:56 11 Jan 2003

Hi there!

I moved over to Canada and brought my DVD's with me. I can play them on my PC no probs, and can also play them on a Canadian TV ok using the S-Video link, but the TV my flatemate has doesn't have this on his TV, only a Video In. I linked it up today. The desktop is displayed fine, but when I try and run a DVD on it, I get sound but no picture. Is there any way to work around this?

I'd bully him into buying a newer TV, but he's gone off to Australia for 3 months! :(

Using AMD 1600+, MSI MS-6380, MSI GeForce 4 Ti4600, 512mb DDR 266.

  €dstow 08:50 11 Jan 2003

DVDs don't work on the PAL/NTSC/SECAM/whatever system. The television system that DVDs play on is determined by the DVD player/decoder.

DVDs have a protection system in them that may prevent them being played in particular areas or regions e.g. USA is region 1, Europe is region 2 and so on.

To get the DVD to play on a PAL TV you will need to change the region settings on the player. You are allowed five changes of the region setting before it locks into the last region it is set at. You can, with a lot of mesing about, override this lockup but, it is worth it?

If you want to know how to alter the region settings (in view of what I've said) come back here.

As DVD units only cost about £30, if you have room in your PC you may consider buying a new one so that you can have one set at region 1 and one set at region 2. The other regions aren't of a lot of general interest.


  €dstow 09:06 11 Jan 2003

£30 should read $30

  kuhbler 09:12 11 Jan 2003

I use DVD Region Free which works pretty well at keeping everything region free, software and DVD-ROM. As I said, the only problem was the output through the Video Out. I just thought it was weird that it would play ok on a NTSC 53" Sony through the s-video and not on another TV. I guess this could be what Beta said about the new TV's.

The problem is that over here in Canada they don't cater for PAL at all. At least in Britain, as you say Beta, the equipment can handle both signals PAL and NTSC.

k, well thanks anyway guys!

  kuhbler 08:52 13 Jan 2003

Solved this. Region Free DVD allows Region 2 DVDs (ie PAL) to be played through the TV Out socket via a Phono-type video cable onto an NTSC TV. Picture quality isn't 100%, but I wouldn't expect it to be!

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