playing music from floppy?

  'oppy 17:39 10 Feb 2003

I have a music cd album, Ive copied 3 songs from it to my floppy, I have winamp3, I load this, then try to play the 3 songs from my floppy, the progress bar on winamp3 is moving, but no sound. The playlist is also showing the 3 songs Ive copied over.:( Ive tried and checked everything, no joy...Why?

  SmiffyRebel 18:10 10 Feb 2003

I would check the files on your floppy with windows explorer to make sure that they are music files, as I would have expected three tracks from a cd to take up more room than 1.38Mbyte which is the amount of space you have on your floppy unless of course it is in mp3 format which you do not mention.

  Forum Editor 18:27 10 Feb 2003

that you haven't copied the tracks to the floppy - it wouldn't hold one track, let alone three. An average a minute of music on a CD occupies around 10Mb of disk space - equal to just over 7 floppies.

Music tracks need to be compressed to MP3 format to be manageable, and even then you would only be able to fit around a minute of music onto a floppy disk.

To learn more about MP3 compression
click here

  powerless 18:38 10 Feb 2003

Actually i just tried it and i managed to fit a 6 Minute Bon Jovi track onto the floppy.

The file size is 928KB it is at 24BPS MONO at 16.0KHz. Its an MP3...

The track does play in Winamp 3.

  'oppy 11:07 11 Feb 2003

This is what I'm doing...........................
I place my music cd album in the computer cd slot, winamp comes up automatically and starts playing the first track, I cancel this, then I right click the cd drive, click open and up comes 18 tracks (files) winamp media files, no "Titles" on them, and each track/file is 44bytes in size. So next, I copy a track over to my floppy in "A" drive, I've also done this on my 32mb usb pen flash drive. So now I go to play this track I've copied to either of these drives, winamp doesnt start automatially, so I go into it manually. With the floppy, winamp shows this track on the display, I press the start button, the progress slider moves as if the music is playing, but there is no sound, so back to my ????? why.
Now, when I try the same procedure with my pen flash drive, I get this alert message............
The media converter "CD switcher converter" executed an illegal operation. Restart of Winamp3 is recommended (1).
So I still cant play my fav tracks from floppy or flash drive:(:(:( Ive done a AVG check on the track and it tells me...track 01.cda not infected
Could somebody please explain, in laymans language, what I have to do. Ive even tried the recording set-up with the winXP home, but that only records 60 secs and still doesnt record what Im playing...PHEW..Im flustered..oppy

  'oppy 11:14 11 Feb 2003

Forgot to add...Ive tried a download of a track, (just as a trial) from the web onto a floppy and a flash drive, they both work, but will not work, copying from my cd drive :(

  leo49 11:45 11 Feb 2003

You are certainly NOT copying the music tracks -as FE already pointed out, as a music track on a CD is typically approximately 10mb in size per 1 minute of playing time [if anything you're merely copying the file reference]

As Powerless has shown it is just about possible to compress a CD track onto a floppy but at an extremely poor quality rate.

If you still want to do it you've got to rip[convert the file format] the CD track to a very low bitrate Mp3.


  Ben Avery (Work) 11:50 11 Feb 2003

All you are doing is copying the file information which is why the file size is so small. As the FE mentioned you will not be able to put the track's onto a floppy as, even in mp3 format, they will be way too large.

As regards the comment by powerless, yes you can reduce file size dramatically, but why would you want to reduce the quality so much (and have it in mono at that!) that it';s going to sound crap anyway.

My advice, buy a CDRW drive and then you can copy around 100 mp3's onto a cd with a far superior quality that the tiny file size. Much better!


  'oppy 12:08 11 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone, for your replies.
How do I do that? (rip), do I need some application/software, or some more hardware? Is there some downloads for doing this?...
Cheers oppy

  leo49 12:32 11 Feb 2003

click here

dbPoweramp Converter is the one I use - it has lots of options to vary the bitrate[ie smaller file but poorer quality].While you're on that page,take the time to clink on Spoon's Audio Guide in the Links box at the top - this should clarify a few things for you.


  Ben Avery (Work) 12:32 11 Feb 2003

1) Put the CD into the Drive

2) Click on CD Audio Tab.

3) Ensure all track are selected (the tick box at the left hand side)

4) Select "Copy Music" (top of window)

5) Wait for CD music to be copied to your Media Library.

6) All tracks should now be copied to your HDD. (I think they are saved as .wma files)

7) Download a free mp3 convertor and convert them to mp3 giving them a smaller file size.



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