Playing music CD's

  deneka 17:51 18 Apr 2004

I tried to copy CD through windows media player onto my pc, then use my r/w to copy it onto a blank CD-RW disc. It says that it copied succesfully but it won't play on my home stereo or car stereo. It says there is no disc in there.

could anyone explain why this is happening?

  [email protected] 18:01 18 Apr 2004

You must use a CDR disc and not CDRW disc.

  fuzzyone 18:03 18 Apr 2004


also make sure that the disc is closed after writing, or it won't play on hi-fi equipment.

  Sparks 18:05 18 Apr 2004

I may be wrong and somebody will correct me if I am, but I thought that you can only play a CD-RW disc on CD-RW drives. I think you should have used a CD-R disc.

  Wes Tam ;-) 18:06 18 Apr 2004

[email protected] I always use CDRW with no problems, but the player must be capable of CDRW playback.

  ddffe 18:08 18 Apr 2004

I agree with [email protected] that music should be burned as audio files on CDRs only.

  goll_y 18:14 18 Apr 2004

Try this link, it might work?

click here

  Totally-braindead 18:15 18 Apr 2004

Some hifis and car stereos can read CDRW but theres very few of them that will. Stereos that can read MP3s as well as normal music cds are probably more common but they tend to be much more expensive. There is nothing wrong with your stereos its just that they won't read CDRW as the others have said you'll need to use CDR. Even then there are a few stereos which won't read recordable cds at all. I suggest you try it and see.

  deneka 19:30 18 Apr 2004

Thats what i thought re the just the cd-r and not the cd-rw....but the bloody saturday boy in pc world, told me it didnt make a difference and it was something i was doing wrong!!

So if i had a cd-r disc and followed the exact same procedure it should work?

  grabster 19:33 18 Apr 2004

yep,no reson why it shouldnt.

  Totally-braindead 19:37 18 Apr 2004

It depends, as I said above some (and by some I mean very few) stereos will not read a CDR. Of all the people I know there is only one who can't play cdrs at all so go and try it the chances are 99.9% that it'll work. By the way I wouldn't take the word of someone in PC World if he told me the sky was blue, I'd have to check for myself. The only time I did speak to someone from PC World he tried to convince me that AMD processors wouldn't run a lot of Windows programs which as everyone knows is rot. (He was trying to sell me an expensive Intel based system at the time)

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