Playing mp3's on Nintendo DS lite

  m800afc 12:51 28 Oct 2007

I have bought a Nintendo DS lite for my partners birthday and would like to be able to play mp3 files.
To this end I have bought an R$ with 2gig card.
Sadly the instructions seem to be aimed at an experienced modder which I am not. I don't want homebrew games of wifi just to be able to play mp3's.
I have tried

click here

but, being a bear of little brain, find it hard to follow, and some of the links are broken.

Does anyone know of an idiots stupidly thick cousins guide to doing this?

  MCE2005 16:51 28 Oct 2007

Have a look through these

click here=

  Dipso 21:49 28 Oct 2007

Using the CD that came with the R4, copy the files on the CD (drag and drop them) onto the microSD using the card reader provided.

Then it should just be a case of copying the mp3 files over to the microSD.

Insert the microSD into the R4 and put the cart into the top slot on the DS.

When you switch the DS on, tap the centre icon (Media) and select the desired mp3 from the list.

That should be it...any problems, post back.

  m800afc 08:38 29 Oct 2007

I have copied the files over to the sd and put it in the Nintendo. When I press the middle button it appears that an application called Moonshine runs. I then get a direcrory of what appears to be system files. I have waited, in case something was being processed but not a lot happens. I cannot do anything now except turn off the DS and start again...and so on in a loop.

  Dipso 11:54 29 Oct 2007

That is what is supposed to happen. Have you copied the mp3 files onto the card yet?

  m800afc 21:41 29 Oct 2007

I have copied some mp3 files onto my SD card. I can see them, but I can't play them. A chap at work said something about a DLDI patch. Is this relevant?

  Dipso 22:38 29 Oct 2007

No other patch should be necessary.

When you click on the second icon you should get a menu with

if you just get ../ click on A then you should get to the above.

and your mp3's should also be listed. Use the up down cursor to select which you want and then hit A to play.

If you still have problems post back, it may be necessary for you to get the latest firmware. I didn't want to do this unless really stuck only as I didn't want to confuse things.

  m800afc 08:40 31 Oct 2007

Thank you for the advice. I have reformatted my SD card and now have the following files on the root directory of the card.

_system_ (folder)
moonshl (folder)
_DS_MENU (Dat file)
_DS_MENU (system file)
_DS_MSHL.nds (NDS file)

I also have two folders with mp3's inside them.
On starting the DS I get the three buttons on the touch screen. The middle one is for media. On pressing this, many lines of code are scrolled up the two screens. Then an error message is displayed very very briefly. It is not there long enough to read but is seems to question if the "Set-up" was run properly. The message disappears and a file directory shows all the files on the SD card. This is in the form of a bog standard directory listing. It is possible to navigate to, and play mp3 files, but is very "Clunky" and not at all intuitive. My partner would have difficulty using it. Never having seen a Nintendo DS lite in mp3 mode I am unaware of what the "Skin" should look like.
Any advice still gratefully received. If you would prefer to, you may want to PM me.

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