Playing movie maker project on dvd player?

  Lord Isleworth 11:43 24 Nov 2005

I am new to camcorder editing so apologies if this is a stupid question. I am currently capturing video projects from my Sony camcorder using windows movie maker. My one and only project downloaded fine using firewire and I was pleased, as it was a relatively straight forward exercise, and I was on a bit of a steep learning curve having never owned a camcorder before.
My question is around the format it is saved in. From what I have read you cannot then play a movie maker burnt disc on a dvd player. Is there a way round this in movie maker?? I did got pinnacle SE and it kept crashing on video capture so I gave up with it. I tried to rectify the conflicts it was having but try as i might I couldn't get it to capture video, or edit the video captured in movie maker.

  GroupFC 12:24 24 Nov 2005

“Is there a way round this in movie maker??”- the short answer is no.

The longer answer - once you have finished the project you need to save the finished movie, and the choice of format is somewhat limited in MM (from recollection (I am work now and MM is on the machine at home!) you have a choice of .wmv of .avi. You do have a choice of saving to CD, but this will be in HighMat format and as I understand it not all domestic DVD players are capable of playing this format.

You could save the movie to your PC in .avi format (but be warned these files can be huge!) and then use your burning s/ware to put the film on disc, which should put it into a format recognisable on your DVD player.

I haven’t used Pinnacle so don’t know why you had problems, but video work is resource intensive and you may have had problems if your machine is “borderline” for video editing. I don’t use MM for video capture, so I don’t know why you couldn’t load the captured footage into Pinnacle, but it may be something to do with the file format of the captured footage. If I get time tonight, I’ll have a play around with capturing using MM and see how I get on!

If you are keen to get into all of this some useful sites are click here click here and click here . I particularly found the mightycoach site useful when I first started playing around with MM.

HTH and good luck!

  Lord Isleworth 13:45 24 Nov 2005

wow, thanks for the detailed response and links. Funny enough I found the mightycoach site today and had a good look

  GroupFC 13:54 24 Nov 2005

Your welcome - I have done quite a bit of stuff using MM, and whilst I am by no means anywhere near an expert, I think I know my way around the prog. reasonably well (touches wood before he speaks too soon!!), so if you need any more help post back here and I'll see what I can do.

  smurfling 14:14 24 Nov 2005

Once you have saved your wmm file to a folder of your choice, use your dvd burning software to make your dvd, I use Nero or ulead 4 and it transcodes it automatically then burns to dvd which will play on any player I don't use wmm any more I tend to use ulead or nero.

  Lord Isleworth 14:22 24 Nov 2005

So save as WMM not AVI
will i be able to burn using record now the xp default burner?
also in the burning programme what option do I use to save to be able to play on a normal dvd player?

  €dstowe 14:32 24 Nov 2005

Have a look at WinDVD Creator click here

There is a fully functional free trial and it's not expensive to buy when the trial is finished.

I much prefer it to any of the Pinnacle products - more reliable (not constantly crashing) and quicker.

I don't think it will see WMV files.

Ensure your computer is up to the job (system requirements) before you proceed though.

  GroupFC 14:53 24 Nov 2005

There are in effect three stages in using MM:-

1) Capture or import video
2) Edit video (such as adding titles, transitions etc.
3)"Produce" (i.e. save the finished film).

Whilst you are working on your video (i.e. before saving the finished movie) the work in progress is known as a project file and will have a file extension .MSWMM.

When smurfling says wmm file I think he means (window moviemaker file). As I said before the finished movie can only be saved as a .wmv file or an .avi file. A .wmv file is a compressed file whereas an .avi file is uncompressed, and therefore some further quality may be lost in when burning a .wmv file to disc.

As you indicate you will use XP’s built in burner, why don’t you just save the movie, using the save to CD option and see how you get on. After all, if it doesn’t work your original source files and the project file will still be on the PC (assuming you don’t delete them until you are happy with what you’ve got!), so you could always have another go!

  David4637 15:20 24 Nov 2005

If you upgrade studio to Version 943 (file 70MB) I think you will find studio is more stable, and will cope with your editting & rendering much better than using conversion options mentioned above. Studio will burn to DVD, don't mess with CDs. I use the above route, studio does occassionally freeze even with the upgrade but this happens about 10% of the time so its not too bad. David

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