Playing games without CD

  NoIdea21 00:58 28 Oct 2006

Please help.
I would like to play my games without having to use the cd/dvd each time.
Is this possible and if so how (I have heard something about making an image).

  Mark McC 01:12 28 Oct 2006

Yes, make an image with your burning software then mount it on deamon tools click here and then you can play your games without the disks or you could get a NO DVD or NO CD Crack which do the same ( let you play without disks ) and its easier.


  Mark McC 01:12 28 Oct 2006

i forgot to add that using the no dvd or cd cracks are illegal.

  NoIdea21 01:15 28 Oct 2006

Won't be using any dvd or cd cracks then.
Thanks for the advice.

  Mark McC 01:16 28 Oct 2006

No Problem

  sean-278262 09:15 28 Oct 2006

"i forgot to add that using the no dvd or cd cracks are illegal."

No they are not, you cannot say something is truely illegal till you see a test case, their legality is dubious maybe but for fair use I see no problem. I own several 100 games and CDs I use regularly. Do I take every single one with me?

The legality of a no cd depends really upon its use. 100s of people use no cd patches to enjoy their favourite game without having to have the annoyance of the CD drive or needing to find the CD all the time.

click here

A useful guide to makin ISO CD's and DVDs for free and easily.

  Audeal 11:05 28 Oct 2006

Cracks are not needed, leagal or otherwise.

What I do is open up a new folder on my "D" drive give it the same name as the program then copy all the contents of the CD into this folder. Once done I then install the program (Game) from this folder so if the program wants access to the "CD" it will, in fact get access from the folder. The CD is never needed then and you can put it away for safe keeping. I use this method with Autoroute which needs to get it's map data from the CD, but instead it get the data from the folder.

Note: The whole contents of the CD must be coppied into the folder.

This should do the trick for you.

  ?bob? 11:41 06 Nov 2006

How do u make a "crack" file?

  [email protected] 11:44 06 Nov 2006

You don't make the No CD cracks yourself. They usually come from the dark corners of the internet

  ACOLYTE 11:52 06 Nov 2006

I'm not sure that copying the cd/dvd to a folder on the hard drive would work for all games,some newer games have protection that is embedded in the cd/dvd itself and cannot be copied this way.

There are some game manufactures that provide nocd cracks for there games,i have one for X2 The Threat from the game makers site.

So that would be my first stop to search for one.

  ?bob? 02:52 07 Nov 2006

Thank you both:)

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