Playing DVD Recordings on PC

  Jodakist 16:44 12 Jul 2009

Can anyone help me please?
I have several video's of TV programmes that I have recorded over the years that I would like to transfer to DVD's that can play on either my pc, Laptop or stand alone portable DVD player.
I have copied a programme onto DVD but my pc doesn't recognise that there is a DVD in the drive!
Please can anyone advise me why and if there is any program that I can install to be able to watch these DVD's on my Laptop?
Thank you,

  hastelloy 17:56 12 Jul 2009

Assuming you've used a DVD recorder to copy to the disc, have you finalised it? If not, it won't play on anything other than the recorder.

  crosstrainer 18:32 12 Jul 2009

Copyright comes into the equation here.

Some clips are DRM (digital rights management)

Need to know what clip and from whence it came :))

  eedcam 22:43 12 Jul 2009

As said finalising is possibly the answer assuming you used and still have the dvd recorder .Cant see what copywrite has to do with tv programmes or drm for that matter .Also it is possible to extract and convert the files on the pc regardless if finalised or not but a tedious plod

  Jodakist 00:07 13 Jul 2009

Thank you, marvin42, crosstrainer and eedcam for your replies.
As my DVD recoreder is set to automatically finalise recordings, I didn't check it, however, Iput DVD back into the recorder and did a manual finalise and it now gives a picture but no sound on the PC so I will have to try to record from the video again and see what happens then.
Thank you again for your replies.

  eedcam 05:36 13 Jul 2009

jodakist before you go to the hassle of rerecording you might try VLC player its free and pretty sure that will find the sound
click here

  Jodakist 17:40 13 Jul 2009

Thank you eedcam,

I downloaded the program from your link and all now works fine.

Thank you


  eedcam 18:52 13 Jul 2009

Good thanks for letting us know

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