Playing AVIs backwards

  01chris 14:00 12 Nov 2005

Does anyone know of any software that will either play avi videos backwards or save them to a new file so I can open then in WMP and they will play backwards?

If there is no such software does anyone know any software that will export the frames to Jpegs so i can put them into Animation shop?

Hope that makes sense


  Chegs ® 14:07 12 Nov 2005

Not really :-)

I cannot see a reason why someone would require a video to play backwards,but each to their own.

I have used Pinnacle Studio to grab still frames from a vid file,then converted the jpegs to gif to animate them for amusement.I only grabbed about a dozen,but its possible to grab as many as you require.Manually though,I dont know of any software that would batch process the jpeg production.

  01chris 14:25 12 Nov 2005

Ok thanks, the reason I wanted to do this is beacause I have a movie of me jumping off a climbing frame and I wanted to play it backwards to see what effect it had. Ie. did it look like I was jumping up.

  lotvic 21:04 12 Nov 2005

Animation shop will do what you want to do with the .avi file by using the slider bar you can play it backwards
Here's how click here

  01chris 16:49 14 Nov 2005

Thats kinda what I was trying to do. I was going to export the frames as images then import them in reverse order. The thing is animation shop says "Cannot read video data. No suitable video decompressor is available" when I try to open an avi.

  lotvic 17:03 14 Nov 2005

I had to make sure that I had selected in Animation Shop file associations avi files, Actually I just clicked on 'Select all' then clicked on OK. Then I had to close Animation Shop and then reopen it before it would recognise and play avi files. (I have Animation Shop 3)

If that doesn't work then maybe you need to update new 'codecs' ???

Any other forumites with knowledge of these please post as I don't know much about them

  01chris 18:51 06 Jan 2006

even though I have found no soloution yet. I'm not really that bothered now, I ticked it so no one bothered reading it again

Thanks for the suggestions

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