guesswho2 21:12 24 Jan 2008

Recently, having placed an order with the above, I happened to check through my Firefox passwords and found my credit card number where the password should have been. Would this have been the fault of or Firefox? You all must accept that, old as I am, dementia has not set in, such that I entered my card details in the wrong place!

  lisa02 21:44 24 Jan 2008

IMO you entered it in the password box at some point. FireFox has noticed you enter a different password and offered to remember it.

  exodus 22:07 24 Jan 2008

Hi, uses a secure site window for payment and does not disclose those details entered.

I suppose that only leaves the 'user error'.

Perhaps you could go back to, click the My Account icon, enter your email and then select the option for them to send you your password.

This may help to confirm or eliminate user error.

I use Firefox and and my password is not retained/listed by Firefox for that site.


  guesswho2 14:56 25 Jan 2008

Mmmm - - interesting. Let me repeat that there is no possibility whatever that I might have entered my card number in the wrong slot!
However, I'll call it a day on this one.

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