Playback on Pan:DVD Recorder DMR EH60 DEBS

  beanyboy 20:20 02 Jan 2006

I am a newie! I would like further advice please.After recording from BBC 1 via the Freeview Receiver that is integrated in with this Panasonic DVD Recorder I get momentary glitches (lasting a second or 2 seconds eachtime) of picture freezing and blackouts and loud clicks and general pixilating , all of which is very frustrating. I have had one or two suggestions of what it might be, but what I would like is a definite solution. That is to say has anyone else had it and actually cured it with a proven remedy. If so,I would dearly like to know what that remedy is and how to apply it please. Any real and as I said proven remedy would be truly appreciated. Regards to all. Ken.

  Mikè 21:20 02 Jan 2006

It sounds to me like poor reception, try recording BBC1 this usually is a stronger station.

  Carbonara 21:35 02 Jan 2006

It does sound like your aerial is not up to receiving Freeview channels.

  beanyboy 09:56 03 Jan 2006

Mike and Carbonera.
thanks for coming back. To Mike ...It was on BBC 1 that I got the problem. I gather that if I record using 901 instead of just 1 tis ok 'cos that is the analogue signal however the whole point of the new Kit is that I want Digital signals . It sound as if Carbonera has hit the nail etc . It could be the signal and an old Aerial . I had hoped though that somebody else had had the problem and had definitely fixed it.New Aerials cost and I wanted to be sure. Thanks again though.

  amonra 20:12 03 Jan 2006

Yes, classic symptoms of poor signal, picture breaking up, pixelising, sound clicks. Had it myself until I fitted a pre-amp to the aerial.
One other possibility, I had a load of trouble when I used a SamsungSDT 7000 box. That would freeze if you looked at it the wrong way ! But definitely try a pre-amp first, about £10/£12 in most TV shops.

  Icky 20:25 03 Jan 2006

I bought a Freeview receiver about a month ago and had the same problem. I had a new wideband aerial fitted on the chimney just before Christmas and now everything is perfect.

  beanyboy 09:13 04 Jan 2006

Thanks Icky and Amonra. You seem to confirm that it is the Aerial / Signal problem. Thanks very much. I am already seeing about having a Wideband Antenna or Extra Boost Aerial fitted.
The chap who is coming to have a look recommends a Triax 52 Aerial which seems to be the " bees knees" as far as he was concerned.I will also look into the Pre-amp possibility as well.
Thanks again. I really do appreciate your input and advice.
Ken B.

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