Play music on webpage: NOF/DW or just code!

  mco 09:52 10 Dec 2006

I'm trying to have an image or lin which you click on to start a snippet of music playing - I've followed instructions in netobjectsfusion and DW8 but all I can manage is for it to come on immediately the page loads - and that's a complete no-no. What is the procedure to give the viewer the option of starting/stopping the snippet of music? And I'd like it to play in the background as the viewer looks at the page, rather than opening in windows media player or whatever.I'm trying behaviours/actions but still can only get it on automatically - I want people to have control over hearing it or not. Many thanks!

  PurplePenny 20:05 10 Dec 2006


  mco 22:37 10 Dec 2006

Quite a clever idea, forum member, and one I will certainly use unless another comes along! I'd thought about javascript purplepenny but don't know where to take it from there.

  mco 19:28 18 Dec 2006

because although I have implemented forummember's suggestion, it just makes the page jump as it goes from the music page to the quiet page - so I really need please suggestions on how to get background music that can be clicked on or off but without opening in a new window.

  acsmanhtml12 14:53 20 Dec 2006

yes, JavaScript is basically the choice of the day here. I learnt a lot from JavaScript books. I will put it on my blog click here very soon. Please reply here if you want it though as it only works with IE and Windows Media Player. I will find many more options and putthem on my blog too.

  mco 19:01 20 Dec 2006

Id appreciate a look at your javascript suggestion acsmanhtml, but I don't know whether I should use it if it only works on one browser. If you've got other ideas too they'd be welcome.

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