Play mobile phone songs in car stereo

  VNAM75 11:04 12 Jan 2009

Is there any way you can connect a mobile phone to a car stereo and play the mp3's?. I know its possible with an ipod.

  kindly 11:13 12 Jan 2009

It all depends on what sort of radio you have. If it is a new one then it might have bluetooth on it or an input jack to plug your phone into it via a cable. There are other devices but they are expencive so easyier to get a new radio if you dont have any of the things I have mensioned

  VNAM75 11:34 12 Jan 2009

Thanks kindly, its a ford focus cd player (6 disc). I don't think it has bluetooth or input jack.

  kindly 12:00 12 Jan 2009

If it has a tape deck in it you can get an adapter to go in that slot with the plugs on it. I think they are expencive though. It will be a built in radio then so I guess you dont want to change it.

  VNAM75 12:48 12 Jan 2009

Found this on Amazon, looks interesting

click here

  QuizMan 13:06 12 Jan 2009

Looks very similar to one that I use for my MP3 player. That works well. You plug the transmitter into the cigarette lighter socket and set it to transmit at a frequency somewhere near the bottom end of the FM scale tuning your radio to the same frequency. Piece of cake to use.

  QuizMan 13:08 12 Jan 2009

If I was to use my mobile phone in the same way, I would need to use/buy an adapter because my Nokia phone does not take the standard 3.5mm jack plug.

  VNAM75 13:12 12 Jan 2009

What's the sound quality like?

  interzone55 13:28 12 Jan 2009

I've yet to get one of the FM transmitters to work properly in my car.

a) It's almost impossible in my area to find a sizable free area on the dial.

b) my car's radio antenna is at the rear of the car, and the transmitter only has a range of a few feet.

As for a connecting a phone to your stereo, it would depend on the audio out connector of your phone.
Many phones use none standard connectors for the earphones - either a 2.5mm jack, which is easily converted, or proprietary connectors like the Pop-Port on some Nokia's or mini-usb on some Samsungs.

If you don't have a standard 3.5mm earphone jack you'll need to find a converter to allow you to connect the phone to a 3.5mm lead, then either use a FM transmitter or if your car as an audio in port, to plug straight in...

  QuizMan 20:40 12 Jan 2009

Sound quality is fine, but needs the volume turned up a bit

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