Play games online through LAN

  roversfan 11:53 08 Feb 2003

I have just networked my 2 PC's - 2 NIC's and a crossover cable. Everything works fine, (file and resource sharing, internet connection sharing), except for one thing. I can't connect to online multiplayer games servers from the second PC.

Win98SE on both PC's. Connecting to internet on 2nd PC through Proxy+ installed on 1st PC.

I am only trying to play browser based games e.g at flipside and tothegames but when i try to connect to a game I get a message saying the server is down. I know that this is not the case as everything works fine on 1st PC.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Pilch.... 12:37 08 Feb 2003

also may be that the proxy you have may be incorrectly set up

  roversfan 13:04 08 Feb 2003

I think the problem may be with my proxy set up but it is beating the hell out of me how I can set it up

  Pilch.... 14:31 08 Feb 2003

Thought about getting a router instead of using proxy server's?

It can give independant access to the net on each computer, also means that you dont have to have the main computer connected to let the other one on.

  roversfan 14:56 08 Feb 2003

Would love to get a router, but nagging wife, 3 brats, my bank manager, the taxman, everybody and there dog seems to have a claim to my money before me.

Crossover cabe and proxy software was cheapest option.

Host PC will work OK connecting through proxy but although client PC will connect to internet OK (I am using client to do this) it will not play online games.

Getting frustrated now. Proxy software has so many configurable options it is ridiculous. Maybe someone could suggest easy to use proxy software that may work? Preferably free (Got to watchthose pennies! :-)

  jazzypop 15:17 08 Feb 2003

Why not use the free Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) that comes with W98se?

click here for how to install,

click here for how to setup port forwarding with ICS.

The basic issue is that your second (client) machine only has an internal network address, e.g.

The game server will not accept that as a valid network address. It will accept that 'external' address of the host PC. So you have to 'forward' data from the external address of the host PC, to the internal address of the client PC.

Instructions for which ports need to be forwarded will be available on the game website - or try Google.

Unless you have specialised needs, you do not need 3rd-party proxy programs to share a network connection, at least from W98 onwards.

  roversfan 00:26 09 Feb 2003

Thank you for your replies.

I had tried ICS before using proxy. I had very little success with it and gave up. Everything stopped working - no internet connection at all.

After your posting Jazzypop - My eternal thanks once again - I decided to try again. Here I am about nine hours, lots of running up and down stairs, lots of anticipation and disappointment and then lots of swearing and shouting and kicking the cat later, (I don't have a cat but if I did it would have been very sore), and everything works fine.

Turns out the real problem was with the firewall. To gain access to the net I have to disable the firewall then both pcs work fine. Now all I have to do is somehow get ics to work through my firewall but that is a whole new thread.

Thanks again to those people who took the time to help me with my problem.

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