to play with

  mr gee 21:51 05 Jan 2003
  mr gee 21:51 05 Jan 2003

I have just been given a computer case with psu motherboard 128ram and a processor nothing else I thought i would have a play and see if i could get it going or at least have a go at re-building it--prob. is --when i switch on the monitor screen just stays black on picture on bios --no nothing and computer powers up ok but i cant see to do owt
Any one any ideas --or is it completly duff?

  Taran 21:58 05 Jan 2003

What have you got you monitor attached to ?

You didn't list a graphics card in amongst your new box of goodies...


  mr gee 22:00 05 Jan 2003

sorry ---yes there is also a graphics card that the

  Djohn 22:02 05 Jan 2003

What happened to mr gee ?? :o)

  trekkieΩ 22:02 05 Jan 2003



  mr gee 22:04 05 Jan 2003

oh heck just writing and my darling grandaughter pressed return so yes the monitor is attched to a graphics card

  mr gee 22:05 05 Jan 2003

no --no hard drive there is nowt else but the stuff i have mentioned

  Pauper 22:13 05 Jan 2003

If there is no hard-drive, then there is nowhere for the programs to be stored - most importantly the operating system, so other than what you have seen (which comes from the bios on the motherboard), exactly what else where you expecting? You will need to install a hard-drive and then load an operating system on to it to start with followed by all the other system drivers etc that you need.

  woodchip 22:13 05 Jan 2003

You do not need hard drive for it to fire up to cmos it may be CPU or memory prob, It could be something simple like power plug on motherboard check all cables or replace with known good to try it

  Pauper 22:14 05 Jan 2003

'exactly what else where you expecting?' Apologies if that sounded condescending - that wasn't the intention.

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