Platte International - A New Twist!

  Mike.B.64 19:17 16 Feb 2009

A friend, who is a computer novice, has fallen foul of our friends Platte International. I copied the instructions (given by Fruitbat in an earlier post) to him, and he has removed the pop-up, but, most foolishly, in a fit of irritation, he rang them up to get it sorted, so to speak. Unbelievable, he gave them his name and address, so of course he now receives letters from them, instead of pop-ups!

They have sent copies of their sign-up procedure, which is quite elaborate, and my friend is adament that he did not enter the site, not even accidentally, and I believe him. Platte have quoted an IP address for a date and time in late November 2008. I suspect his ISP, Virgin Media, uses dynamic IP addresses, and that his address when Platte slapped their nasty bug on his computer happened to be the one some other Virgin customer used on an earlier occasion to access their site. He e-mailed Virgin at my suggestion but has been given an 0845 number to call, which could be expensive.

Does anyone whether ISPs can, or will, cooperate to confirm an IP address at a specific date and time, please? Or perhaps my theory of a previously used address is misguided.

  T I M B O 19:23 16 Feb 2009

I can say that maybe the post office can help here, i think! Like BT & there telephone prefrence, there is also one for post also, that may remove that problem.

As for the ISP question, i am not sure about that, not something i get involved with. Best of luck with the post thingy tho.

  Mike.B.64 19:43 16 Feb 2009

Thanks for the prompt response, and for the thought, which I will pass on.

I suppose Platte will take the view that my friend owes money. I have drafted two letters for him, which include denial of entry of their site etc, so I think he will just ignore them now. I am hoping someone has experience of my re-used IP address theory!

  T I M B O 19:50 16 Feb 2009

There ia a law against people chasing for money. I have a web site, i can monitor who has been to my web site & what browser they used. i dont think i can add more at this time.

Best of luck !!

  MAJ 19:50 16 Feb 2009

"I am hoping someone has experience of my re-used IP address theory!"

That is possible, but although they (VirginMedia) do seem to use Dynamic IP addresses, a large number of users seem to keep the same IP address for months on end, some even report that their IP address hasn't changed for years.

  MAJ 19:56 16 Feb 2009

"I have a web site, i can monitor who has been to my web site & what browser they used."

Every website can do that.

"i dont think i can add more at this time."

Oh go on, TIMBO, we wont tell anyone.

  Mike.B.64 20:01 16 Feb 2009

Thanks for your response.

I am fairly certain that Virgin use dynamic IP addresses. My friend did a check using "My IP Address" and came up with different addresses before and after switching off his modem - at least I think it is a modem, not a router.


Thanks for your further thoughts. I do not understand how such companies are allowed to continue trading!

  VCR97 20:02 16 Feb 2009

The Mail Preference Service stops mail only from direct marketing companies which are registered with MPS. I doubt if Platte is registered but, in any case, your friend has voluntarily given his name and address to Platte; MPS would not stop mailings.

click here

  T I M B O 20:04 16 Feb 2009

And your point?

I dont think i can add more at this time with the information avaliable. Is that more suited for you?

  Mike.B.64 20:09 16 Feb 2009

Thanks for your respnse, and for the link. I am sure your view is the correct one.

(I would like to be able to prove that my friend was not assigned the IP address at the date and time quoted by Platte, but that is perhaps unlikely unless Virgin Media will cooperate without incurring a lot of expense).

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