Platte Account

  Quilljar 16:43 04 Apr 2008

Has anyone else been plagued by this Platte Account icon on the desktop? If so how did you get rid of it

  VoG II 16:46 04 Apr 2008

Looks like a variant of MBS click here

If so try click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:49 04 Apr 2008

Its the old MBS trouble again,
you must have signed up for it on one of the film download sites.

can you try system restore to before you downloaded it ?

  Quilljar 17:03 04 Apr 2008

I have tried at least four different spyware programs to no avail. I have read about it through Google, and through VoG's link but still have the problem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:15 04 Apr 2008

Simply open notepad and paste the following program into it (everything below the lines).

Once you've done that go to save it.
Call the file platte.cmd and in the box at the bottom called "Save as type" select all files.
I'd suggest saving it to your desktop so its easy to find. Run it the first time and once its completed it will tell you to restart.
Do so and then run it a second time, it will talk you through the process as you go so you know when to restart and what's required of you.
I have to confess that I've not been able to try this out myself, however it should work absolutly fine.
Let us know how you go with this.

@echo off
if not exist c:\windows\system32\pm_proc2.exe goto noplatte
if exist c:\platteStage2.tmp goto stage2
echo Into Stage2 > c:\platteStage2.tmp
echo Y| CACLS c:\windows\system32\pm_proc1.exe /D Everyone
echo Y| CACLS c:\windows\system32\pm_proc2.exe /D Everyone
echo Stage 1 of the uninstall process has completed please restart your computer and run this file again to complete the removal
del c:\platteStage2.tmp
del c:\windows\system32\pm_proc1.exe
del c:\windows\system32\pm_proc2.exe
echo Stage 2 of the uninstall process has completed you should now be able to delete desktop icons for Platte and be Platte free
goto exit
echo Platte Media is not installed
echo Completed

  helpinghand 18:26 04 Apr 2008

Platte has 'taken over' MBS, though as it is also based in Leeds, I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

For those of you interested in how this has progressed, I suggest you Listen Again to You and Yours on Radio 4. It was the lead item today. I'll leave you draw your own conclusions as to how I know all this!

  Quilljar 23:10 04 Apr 2008

Hi Fruit Bat
Your code worked exactly as you promised! I waited these few hours just to make sure that the wretched Platte icon did not return, and so far so good!

Thanks; you are a legend!

  johnnyrocker 23:14 04 Apr 2008

i'm impressed.


  2ritz2 18:51 26 Apr 2008

I too have been infected by this dreaded Platte. A few months ago I was infected by MBS. On the advice of one of your members I downloaded PrevX2 (which I tried and then bought for less than half the price of others) which instantly cured the problem. It has been running succesfully detecting and clearing up countless malware problems until now ! It seems to be ineffective when trying to clear up 'platte' I am hoping that prevx2 people are aware of this and are working on it
Dave Ash

  helpinghand 19:08 26 Apr 2008

At least two forums where 'removal help' has been posted are now being threatened with legal action by Platte's solicitors.

They clearly think they've got a lot at stake - 30 quid per person, to be precise. The multiples on this must be pretty great for them to be prepared to go to court.

Personally, I'm still deeply suspicious, and feel their actions in trying to gag the forums stinks.

  Quilljar 11:59 27 Apr 2008

I have taken legal advice, and plenty of lawyers have been plagued by Platte! I guarantee they will get a very bloody nose and lose a lot of money if they start attacking 'customers'

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