Planning a reformat......

  Rodders 10:30 24 Nov 2008
Locked'll be my first ever attempt.

The PC is a few years old running XP Home, but this last week it encountered some problems browsing the internet and I now believe I have a very nasty little bug on it. It won't let me visit the sites I need to download updates for Spywareblaster etc. and it won't let me run the software either.

So, I'm going to back up what I can - onto CDs/DVDs or maybe an external drive if I can get hold of one cheap enough. Then I'm going to reinstall the OS. I don't have the discs that came with it but it's OK because I have an MSDN subscription which will let me pick whichever Microsoft OS I want :-)

I've been advised to go for XP SP3 but I'm browsing the download pages now and it's offering me several variants:

XP Pro SP3 N
XP Pro SP3 N - VL
XP Pro SP3 (x86)

Which one? What's the difference?


  sunnystaines 12:05 24 Nov 2008

I would opt for x86 the others are all freely available on pirate sites with their risks. The KN I think is the oriental version pack but I may be wrong.

  Rodders 12:16 24 Nov 2008

I'll no doubt be back with further questions.

  sharpamat 18:21 26 Nov 2008

does your PC Have a recovery partion putting iffy software on can only lead to problems post the make model of your system and someone may advise how to resort to factory settings. dont forget to save all your files firstand ensure you have the software which will need to be reinstalled

  Rodders 20:22 26 Nov 2008

Hi folks
I'm all sorted. XP Pro SP3 is up and running, it went very smoothly and I'm happy with the setup of the machine. Getting used to Comodo and Avira might take a while.

sharpamat - not sure where you got the impression I was going to install "iffy software". The company I work for are Microsoft Gold Partners and, as Web Developers, they have purchased MSDN download subscriptions for us all. We have the authorisation to get most of the titles that Microsoft offer and this is the first time I have taken that opportunity. I may well install Office too.

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