Planning on getting an external Hard Drive...

  Ronyap 21:09 19 Dec 2008


I'm not sure thats what I want. What I want is just a 1Tb Portable block no bigger than a big book where I can store all my items.

At first I thought it was an External Hard Drive, but now that I think about it, its not that, since external HD you need to install an OS and it represents 'another' computer. I dont want that, I just want a... very big USB Storage Device I guess. where I can just plug into a computer and manage files, since my computers dont have enough space :P. So what is it that I need?

Thats the first question. My second question is, what brand should I go for? Like I know Verbatim brand is cheap and very good quality for DVDs, Kingston for USBs and MicroSDs, what should I go for or avoid for Portable Drives? Here are some brand names Ive come across:

Seagate etc

Does it really matter? What does it affect? Since Im only using it for storage, I wouldnt need that good a brand right?


  MAJ 21:19 19 Dec 2008

"Since Im only using it for storage, I wouldnt need that good a brand right?"

Way wrong, Ronyap. You go for the most reliable you can get, remembering all the time that a hard drive, external or internal can fail in the twinkling of an eye, or, conversely, they can operate flawlessly for years.

You do not need to install an OS on an external drive, they are connected to a computer (which does have an OS installed) via a USB port, firewire port or an ethernet cable in the case of a NAS drive.

  Ronyap 21:25 19 Dec 2008

Ok, so thats one problem solved...its ok for me to go for External Hard Drive. So what brand?

Thanks MAJ btw.

  MAJ 21:31 19 Dec 2008

That's a matter of personal choice and personal experience, Ronyap. You'll get many recommendations here. Personally I like Seagate, Maxtor and Lacie drives as I have used them and never had a problem with any of them. I don't like Hitachi drives because I've had a few fail on me. Some swear by Western Digital drives others swear at them.

  Ronyap 21:36 19 Dec 2008

Ok, thanks :D. Ill report back if I have any probs

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