Placing the Printing in a scanned page

  timothywilliam 21:38 13 May 2003

I use Windows XP, an Epson Perfection 610 Scanner and an Epson C 60 printer.

I sometimes want to scan in a page which is smaller than A.4. which includes text and a diagram. It is imperative this diagram stays at the correct scale of 100 percent.
Having scanned a page in Microsoft Office Document Scan, I then want to print that out but with the printing being justified to the RIGHT hand margin.
It always wants to start printing left hand side at the top. There is not the option to alter the print layout in the File drop down menu in Micro. doc. scan. The Printer options do not offer any margin/justifying options as far as I can see.

I only want to print the odd job out and so I do not want to alter the main printer settings.

I have tried a photo editing programme (Serif 6) but that doesn't really work and is too complicated.

Thank you any help.

  BarryKeith 21:57 13 May 2003

Try and locate a copy of Arcsoft Photo Studio 2. This will do what you want plus a little more. I have found it an extremely useful program.

  Pesala 22:35 13 May 2003

Stick your original to a sheet of A4 paper justified to the right margin in the position you want it to print out. Scan the entire A4 sheet and print that including the white border

  DieSse 22:36 13 May 2003

Do I understand you want to change the justification of the text away from that of the original - if so this is likely to be time consuming, and a multi-step process.

Or do you mean something else?

  DieSse 22:45 13 May 2003

PS - this is the sentance I don't understand fully

"It always wants to start printing left hand side at the top"

Do you mean you want the whole original document further over to the right and further down.

  DieSse 22:54 13 May 2003

Don't you have a "copier" function with your scanner software? - this often allows you to position a scan wherever you want on the output page.

  timothywilliam 20:32 15 May 2003

Thanks for your replies.
DieSse :
Although the Preview puts the position as an option of the whole page in the centre of the document it prints as one would start a conventional document ie first word is in the top left hand corner.
I do not want to separate anything within the scanned page. Just want to get it away from the left hand side to holes can be punched in for an Eagle file.

I hadn't thought of checking the scanner disc which I will do.
Hope that makes it clearer. It is one of those silly but annoying things that pop up out of the blue !!

Now that really is a good idea. Never thought of that one. I will do it but I am sure it can be done at source as well.

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