Place a picture behind a table Word 2007

  tonyq 08:56 10 Jul 2011

Hi all, when I place a picture behind a table in Word 2007,the contents of the cell at the left hand top corner of the inserted picture moves upward (off centre)in the cell. How can I stop the contents of the cell moving position?

  Crosstrainer2 09:01 10 Jul 2011

Try the anchor . Right click on image symbol of anchor.

  tonyq 09:18 10 Jul 2011

I don't seem to have a symbol of a anchor!.

  Crosstrainer2 09:22 10 Jul 2011

Odd, I'm trying to remember the old version (I'm using 2011) let's see:

  Crosstrainer2 09:24 10 Jul 2011

Now I remember, you need to set the picture "In-line" as per the link:))

  Taff™ 10:30 10 Jul 2011

tonyq - I don't get the anchor either until I restart Word after setting the options as described. I use the option to place the picture behind text which means the text appears on top of the image.

One tip though. When you insert the picture and place it behind text I struggle to then reselect it unless when I size it originally I leave one border slightly extended beyond the boundaries of the table itself. (Only has to be a fractional amount.)

  tonyq 11:30 10 Jul 2011


"When you insert the picture and place it behind text I struggle to then reselect it"

That's another of my problems!

  Taff™ 12:24 10 Jul 2011

If that first tip doesn't work I'll give you another. If the document is just one page and unlikely to change try putting the image into the header. Use the behind text format and move it to the correct location. You can easily go back into the header to just resize or move it at any time.

  tonyq 19:30 11 Jul 2011


I can't seem to stop the contents of the cell moving what ever I try, but I have found out how to re-select the picture. Using Word 2007, Go to Home-Editing(Far Right)-Select-Select Object. You should now be able to click on the picture.

  Taff™ 00:42 12 Jul 2011

Thanks for that tip tonyq. I`ll try that out tomorrow.

  recap 08:46 12 Jul 2011

Right click the image, select Size and Position, On the Position tab select Alignment under Horizontal.

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