Pixma 4300 - duplex printing

  sheila.weston 09:21 11 Oct 2007

I have followed the directions for double-sided printing in the manual and still get single-sided printing.

I have put the paper in the bottom paper tray, gone to printing preferences and selected duplex printing, pressed the bottom button at the rhs of the printer. What have I missed?

  Pamy 10:28 11 Oct 2007

perhaps you have to "APPLY" the selected preference first. (Just a Guess as don't know this printer)

  sheila.weston 10:44 11 Oct 2007

No, I don't think so, although I *have* found a box (in printer preferences)which said 'automatic' which should have been unchecked. But unchecking it didn't make any difference.

  Pamy 10:53 11 Oct 2007

Have just been told all info is on a disk supplied with printer, better than manual

  keef66 12:14 11 Oct 2007

we have an ip3000 which allegedly does duplex printing; it's at home so I'll have a go tonight.

(It does CD's too, and didn't try that till a year after buying it. Pretty impressed with the results though)

  Grantrh 12:31 11 Oct 2007

I have this printer and it does duplex fine for me. You do need to have the automatic box and duplex box ticked in print preferences.

  bruno 16:43 11 Oct 2007

I have the same printer as you and since reading your post I tried to do Duplex printing(I didn't even know this was possible).I followed the instructions from the programme religiously and it worked fine for me.The only thing I picked up on was that you used the bottom paper tray.I used the normal top loading one.It printed side one,then left it sticking out the printer tray for about twenty seconds,then it pulled it back in to the machine and printed the other side.It did the same with the second sheet,and when it is finished the paper is dispensed.It is not dispensed between side one and two,it is gripped(by the little man inside who turns it over).

  bruno 16:51 11 Oct 2007

I went Printing preferences/Main/Instructions/Duplex printing/Printer Driver guide and followed it step by step.Hope it helps.

  sheila.weston 20:12 11 Oct 2007

No, I just cannot see what I have done wrong. The printer spits the paper out onto the paper tray and a window pops up telling me to reverse the paper to print on the other side.

I looked at the installation dvd and the manual is identical to the on-screen version, as far as I can tell.

The directions look very clear, but I am obviously missing something. I have set the Preferences to duplex, auto, plain paper, the paper source is 'paper-feed switch. Is this last one correct? It is set to normal-size printing, suplex, automatic.

I have just called these settings 'duplex' profile. Tried again, with same result. Ridiculous.

Yes, am looking forward to printing cds etc *when* I have got this sorted out!

Thanks for all your suggestions.

  sheila.weston 20:26 11 Oct 2007

Looking at the directions again, I see that there is a note:
>>If a media type other than Photo Paper Plus Double Sided is selected for Media Type on the Main tab:
When you execute print, the document will be printed on one side of a sheet of paper. When printing is complete, reload paper according to the displayed message and then click OK. The document will be printed on the opposite side.<<

I think this is the answer- in other words it doesn't do automatic duplex printing on plain paper?? This seems to contradict the term of 'duplex'! Were you using photo paper, Bruno?

BUT it says, also:
>>Duplex Printing is unavailable when:
- A media type other than Plain Paper or Photo Paper Plus Double Sided is selected from the Media Type list.<<

Interpretation required?!!

  keef66 21:20 11 Oct 2007

just printed this page double sided on our Pixma ip3000. Under printer / preferences / page setup I just ticked Duplex and automatic. A lot of whirring and clunking while it turns the paper over, but it worked ok

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