Pixelated images!?

  linzoid90 15:04 30 Mar 2011

Hi. I use an Orange internet dongle on my laptop to access the internet. I've been using it for a year or so with no problems like this before now.

Whether using chrome or Internet explorer to browse the internet, all images I view are pixelated and blurry... I REALLY would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  Ian in Northampton 17:41 30 Mar 2011

Often, that might happen if you have somehow set your settings to magnify pages. This would mean that any low resolution images would appear larger - but would be blurred and/or pixellated.

  Graphicool1 10:49 31 Mar 2011

What browser are you using.

I use IE7 and on the bottom right corner of the page you'll see a magnifying glass and next to it is a number and percentage sign '%'. The number should be set to 100% (Normal Size). By clickling on the arrow beside it, you can change the magnification or custom set it.

The quality of the enlargement, will ~ as Ian in Northampton said ~ depend on the quality of the original.

I don't know wether or not all browsers have this ability?

  linzoid90 12:08 31 Mar 2011

Whether I use Chrome or IE all images on every web page are lower quality than they should be. I've found that if I press CTRL, Shift & R while the cursor is on an image it will improve the image quality... But, obviously, I don't want to have to keep doing that!
In IE the magnifying glass is set to 100%.

  Graphicool1 12:28 31 Mar 2011

What haveyou got your screen resolution set to?

>Control Panel<

Screen Resolution:
Mine is set to ~ 1024 by 768 pixels
Color Quality:
Highest [32 bit]

Under the 'Advanced' button
>General< tab
I have the...
DPI (dots per inch) set to:
Normal size [96 DPI]

  linzoid90 12:31 31 Mar 2011

Thanks for the suggestions, but I've finally found the solution!

I went to: accelerator.orange.co.uk, turned the accelerator off, saved settings... now all seems well again :)

  hiwatt 15:14 31 Mar 2011


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