Pirate XP and Linux (just rambling)

  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 16:45 05 Feb 2007

The other day I picked up a second hand PC to act as a server. It had XP Pro on it. Great! I thought. Went to update it and Microsoft pronounced it an illegal copy. OK, so follow the link to pay for the update and make it legal. The price quoted was £97.

That's not a bad price I suppose considering that if I'd gone and bought the OS through the normal channels it would have been a lot more. But as this PC is to be a server I decided to load up SUSE 10.2 from a mag DVD.

I can see that MS has a dilemma in that if it makes upgrades like this really cheap then they loose out. Pity though, I would have prefered to stay with XP.

Now I'm enjoying Linux so I recommend go for it! The only thing about these distro's is although they are very mature with lots of powerful software to match Windows (and growing); they are fairly imature when it comes to installing. I am now struggling a bit with networking with XP Laptop (but I'll get there).

I had Ubuntu 6.1 the other day loaded that but it was so unintuative to get networking (who wants to open several hard to understand configuration files?) that I gave up.

I must say that Linux generally does install easily but it's logon/password configuration a bit of a nightmare (it's the problem I'm having above).

I think Linux is so near yet so far. If it wants to take over it can. It's development wants to concentrate on the ease of networking. Is there a retailer out there actually selling dual boot or dedicated products?

Dead interested in others' opinions.

  Legolas 17:52 05 Feb 2007

I installed suse10.2 golive and it installed ok apart from...yes you've gussed it my Wireless network card, as I am compleatly new to Linux I had and still have no idea how to get my connection working so I agree that distros should put more effort into supporting network cards and wireless connections. Although having said that we must remember that Linux is free.

  Zero G 18:10 05 Feb 2007

The forum does not have a Linux section here due to the fact that Linux users make up such a small amount of forum users.

  wee eddie 18:23 05 Feb 2007

As far as I know, there is no reason why there should not be discussions here about Linux.

The likely-hood of it becoming more than a passing fancy, here, is that there are so many dedicated Forums full of folk that have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

  Totally-braindead 18:33 05 Feb 2007

wee eddie, Zero G merely said that there is not a Linux Forum here because they are a small amount of the Forum members. He did not say that there shouldn't be discussions on it.
If I had more than one PC I would probably try it but unfortunatly I don't so will be sticking with XP.
I was interested in the £97 MS wanted to charge for a legal copy of XP PRO if thats the price of a full copy then I agree that isn't too bad.

If you have only one PC then I can see that changing to Linux is going to be a big decision with a fairly long learning curve to sort problems.

I needed a backup strategy and at the time I had access to some old PCs (80Mhz PIII). There are plenty of these available nowadays for about £30 and with the addition of more RAM (250Mb will do) and a new 2nd hdd (120Gb) your away. So cost about £100. Trouble is most of these come without the original XP CD (not worth buying it for Windows if this is the case).

Use Ethernet and a hub and your away (after a bit of fiddling).

If you are brave you can dual boot but I hav'nt done this.

  Strawballs 10:09 06 Feb 2007
  HighTower 18:41 09 Feb 2007

I used Ubuntu for a while and loved it. I had big problems getting the wireless network card to work but I really liked it. I'm a big fan of the whole open source movement with the likes of Linux, Open Office, The Gimp etc.

Having said that, I'm moving solely to a Mac platform next month because although I certainly don't want to bring up yet another Mac v PC debate I find that for my purposes a Mac simply works better for me.

And yes, I think £97 was a pretty good price for XP!

  dms05 11:00 10 Feb 2007

You can dual boot XP with Linux and the Linux installation process takes care of this. At boot you chose XP or Linux.

I use PCLinuxOS because it installed the most hardware of any distro I'd tried on my laptop. It also has an XP feel so it's a very easy migrate.

Finally you can run Linux within an XP window to try it out click here You need an iso image of the Linux you want to run and also download VMWare Player - to show it works I'm running PCLinuxOS from inside a XP window to post this reply.

  stevelincsuk 06:04 16 Feb 2007

Im very new to linux here, been running it about 2/3 weeks... Im using PClinuxOS 2007 beta dualbooting alongside XP, and I also run linux mint and ubuntu from a Virtual Vachine within windows. All distros picked up most of my drivers. The good thing about PClinuxOS is that I can still access data on my windows drives too and is has a decent software repositry.

The more I play with linux the more I am liking it, the over all appearance of PClinuxOS is great.

As for linux taking over windows I still feel it still has a bit of work to do in this area - mainly in the software department which is a shame, simply due to the fact of getting software manufactures to deliver games (or applications) for linux. there are a few default games for linux but if you want to run the latest chart topping games or apps then its a case of reverting back to windows or trying to run them under software such as wine.

  The Brigadier 16:07 16 Feb 2007

With Ubuntu Linux on the cover disc it states you can make as many copies as you like with it, in fact they encourage you to do so.

Microsoft say that copying a disc infriges their copyright and thats why so many people do it, as if to put 2 fingers up to Bill Gates & Co.

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