Newuser2533 19:49 21 Feb 2005

Yes I know...I bought a cheap Windows XP CD from e-bay. It came in a plastic envelope with what looks like a photocopy instruction leaflet.
However it has a Product installation key:
Is it possible for me to check to see if I have bought another pirated version please.
In theory, if it is pirated, e-bay should be able to get my money back or take action against the seller.
Please no comment on how stupid I've been, I am well aware that the aging process is overtaking me.
I bought it because the one on my computer is a pirated version.........yes stupid twice!!!

  dagwoood 19:59 21 Feb 2005

Newuser2533, click on the following link to take you to the Microsoft how to tell pages click here

HTH, dagwoood.

  jakimo 20:14 21 Feb 2005

It looks as though you have joined the "wish I hadn't bought it club".........There are many like yourself, I bought some microsoft software on Ebay only to find it was a Beta version,full of bugs,and not compatible with my OS,..but I was lucky, I got my money back through paypal

  JonnyTub 20:15 21 Feb 2005

Contact the Forum Editor to have your product key removed from the post, or you'll find that anyone with an illegal copy of xp has just found themselves a legitimate one should yours turn out to be fine.

  Mikè 20:29 21 Feb 2005

Just Googled your key number, seems to be one that has been circulated.

  JonnyTub 20:30 21 Feb 2005

Back to ebay you go !!

  mattyc_92 20:52 21 Feb 2005

Ebay doesn't always refund your money, even though they should... They will make some rubbist exuse so that you can't get your money...

Don't you read the newspaper??? If you did, then you would know that the chances of getting a refund are virtually impossiable and nice one to the ones that have managed it...

Hope you do get your money back....

  Forum Editor 22:48 21 Feb 2005

is one that has been in circulation for a long time, and you have definitely bought a pirate copy of the software.

Microsoft will shortly stop anyone with this key from receiving any updates or fixes via the Windows update site, and I'm afraid the best thing you can do is put this down to experience. Good luck with your attempt to recover your money - I wouldn't hold your breath on that if I were you.

  frankie 22:24 22 Feb 2005

put in the claim from ebay for your money back,from the dodgy trader,get them banned,whilst in contact with ebay tell them you are going to post on bbc watchdog as they have file on them, and do post it,get ebay off there a... and sort these dodgy dealers,as they throw them off but they always come back...to rip people off. but if its too cheap then its normally dodgy,holds true,

  phono 00:19 23 Feb 2005

All may not be lost, if you look at page 15 of the April issue of PC Advisor, "Pirates locked out of MS update sites", Microsoft are offering a discounted version of XP if you provide a piracy report, proof of purchase or CD-ROM to them which shows you were duped into buying an illegal version.

Hope this is of some comfort to you.

  CurlyWhirly 14:35 23 Feb 2005

or you'll find that anyone with an illegal copy of xp has just found themselves a legitimate one should yours turn out to be fine.

I didn't think that this was possible, as when you buy the retail version of XP (like I have), the original product key that came with MY package, can ONLY be used on MY installation and no one elses?

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