Piracy music

  dblspace 16:01 04 May 2003

Record labels work to stem piracy

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Some of the world`s largest record labels are quietly financing the creation of programs by small software firms that, if deployed, would sabotage the computers and Internet connections of people who download pirated music, according to a newspaper report.

Would this be legal if they tried it??.

  DieSse 16:17 04 May 2003

Identify = OK

Sabotage = Not OK and almost certainly illegal.

  Belatucadrus 19:47 04 May 2003

click here for the transcript, looks fairly sharp practice to me, expect lawsuits in the US if they try it. Corporate denial of service attacks and trojans ? Yeeeeuk.

  jeez 03:51 05 May 2003

oh dear! That's gotta be illegal, and as Belatucadrus point's out if they value the data on their networks and websites they should leave well alone!

  dblspace 23:51 05 May 2003

I agree with all the comments,they are asking for big trouble,and as you say they should leave well alone.
I will close the thread now.


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