Pipex Packet Loss

  HighTower 23:55 26 Jun 2007

I've found broadband a bit sluggish recently so I've ran a trace utility through my connection and have found the following in the results:

te1-3.cr05.tn5.bb.pipex.net 0%
ae1-0.cr02.gs1.dsl.pipex.net 0%
g5-0.ar02.gs1.dsl.pipex.net 60%
81-178-89-104.dsl.pipex.com 10%

What this looks like to me is that two pipex routers are causing a loss of 60%.

Is this right? Surely this can't be normal but I've done this test a few times over the last few weeks and this is pretty consistent. Should I jump ship?

  setecio 07:47 30 Jun 2007

Have you spoke to Pipex technical support ... find someone in there who understands these figures.

  HighTower 10:43 30 Jun 2007

Yes, I gave them a buzz and put up with the "your call is important to us" message for 15 mins. To be fair when I got through to them they were very good.

They reckon it's a line fault so we'll wait and see.

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