Pipex - liars, lazy or incompetent

  Martin12 22:46 27 Nov 2007

I have been with Pipex for 3 years and with an 8meg connection speed over the last year with no problems, consistantly achieving 6-7meg.

However recently in the evening and weekends I have been only getting 300/400 KBS, some 5% of the paid for Service.
I have spoken to Pipex Tech Support and they say this is "perfectly acceptable", as the exchange is throttling the Service to distribute the connection speed. They refused to do a line check as this is what"they would expect".
He stated that 300k is accecptable via BT policy on connection speed, is this correct?
Has anyone else having this problem?

  bluto1 22:56 27 Nov 2007

This is appaling. I'm not with Pipex but if I was I'm afraid I'd ask for the code to leave them. (My memory's gone)I'm with Virgin Media on up to 8Mb/s connection speed and I get between 3.5 and 4.2 Mb/s regularly. There are odd times I get less, but never as low as you are getting.

  Martin12 23:05 27 Nov 2007

Just to confirm they state that this is acceptable, "its BT policy that if you get 400Kps on 8meg this is what you would expect"

Anyone know if this is correct?

  Border View 23:24 27 Nov 2007

Ask for your MAC and find another ISP. Vote with your feet.

  Graham. 23:35 27 Nov 2007

Connect your modem to the socket inside the BT master socket. It's OK to use an extension lead to do this. This will rule out internal wiring problems.

  Forum Editor 23:45 27 Nov 2007

running in Consumerwatch - please don't post the same thread in more than one forum area. I'll close this one now.

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