pipex for broadband

  happy dragon 18:46 10 Sep 2004

was thinking of signing up to pipex for broadband,has anyone got any feed back regarding them as a isp good or bad thanks

  Taw® 19:00 10 Sep 2004

As with all questions you will get the good and the bad depending on the experience. I have been using Pipex for 2 years now and have only experienced one serious down time that was well documented on this forum. I could get a cheaper deal and save about £60 a year but I have always found their support excellent mind you have only needed it twice so better the devil you know. If you check out some of the BB statistics you will always find Pipex in the top of the good marks. Thats my pennyworth, you should get someone now with a poor review

  happy dragon 19:07 10 Sep 2004

thanks taw did a service provider comparison with adsl guide and out ot the 6 i picked pipex came out top better then wanadoo which i was considering and bt

  harps1h 20:16 10 Sep 2004

i have been with pipex for a year now and apart from one outage 3 months ago for a few hours this is an excellent isp.

iwould recommend it

  Halmer 20:28 10 Sep 2004

apart from the fact that when there have been the two down times that have affected me in the last twelve months I have been unable to get any accurate,relevant information from their website on why I am without service. Nor have I been able to get throught to their helpline despite waiting on the other end of the phone for over half an hour time after time.

Th other issue to bear in mind is that once you have signed up for twelve months you will be unable to cancel any monthly direct debit payments during this period if you read the small print, even if the service is crap or fails. Your bank will not cancel the monthly payment without instruction from them which seems remarkable to me given that it is your Visa/Credit card.

I fel out with them big time when I did get through and told them to cancel my monthly subscription. they did this foir me and charged me a £58 cancellation fee for the fun of it so they have you by the balls basically.

I can understand why you are seeking opinions.

  Kate B 00:15 11 Sep 2004

I've been with Pipex for just over a year and had no problems at all. But there are cheaper ADSL providers now - my other half has just signed up with Wanadoo for 1MB downloads for less than I'm paying for half a meg with Pipex, so shop around.

  happy dragon 20:40 12 Sep 2004

trouble with wanadoo is the 2gb d/l bit off putting unlike pipex which is unlimited then aol at the moment is only £19.99 for 256kbs not impressive but again is unlimited d/l ???? its a headache i know also where you live has to be taken in to account and your exchange who ever said about pc's that its just pressing buttons hehe

  Old Shep 22:13 12 Sep 2004

I was with Wanadoo but when my area was braodband enabled chose Pipex. Why - well Wanadoo was cheaper but put a download limit on their charge,secondly I had been with them for nearly 10 years on dial up (formally Freeserve) and since the takeover it has staedily gone downhill as far as I am concerned.Constant disconnections unable to log on etc etc. Must say I would not touch aol with a bargepole as it takes over your computer. Where you live , well I live in the sticks in Devon and we struggled to get 100 people to register, I now get a constant 576kbps connection every day.

  Meshuga 22:28 12 Sep 2004

may I correct an error in your post. You say that you cannot cancel a direct debit payment and then say that bank will not cancel a visa /credit card. You can cancel a direct debit payment whenever you like. You cannot cancel Visa/credit card payments. Meshuga.

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