Pipex best ISP? Don't think so, please help!

  beastieboy 19:45 04 Jun 2003


My drama starts here....

I wanted ADSL so was advised to go with Pipex, I went through the order, set everything up and got tot he last page of the order. I should have received an e-mail, after a couple of hours I didn't receive anything. I phoned them up; I was told that no order had been placed.

Worrying that if I were to do another order, I would have 2 orders under my belt, I asked the gentleman this very question. His response was that if it's not on the system, it isn't ordered. He then said it's alright for me to place another order, be it with themselves or another company.

I chose to go with plus.net. This was fine and everything was alright with them.

Later on in the day, I got an e-mail from Pipex saying my order had gone through! I phoned them up and explain what happened. I then was told to reply to the e-mails and ask for cancellation. I did this.

The day after, today, I checked my balance and the activation fee was taken out of my account! I called up yet again and was asked to e-mail them but no reply yet!

Why do I have to go through all this just for ADSL, if Pipex had told me to wait, I would have waited and gone with them but now it looks like I have to pay the fee and cancellation fee on top of this.

Best ISP? Not with my experience it's not! Can someone help me to somehow get my money back?

Many thanks,

Janusz Jasinski

  beastieboy 19:53 04 Jun 2003

Please help me!

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:57 04 Jun 2003

Keep the problem to one thread - click here

And give people a chance to reply.

  malgall 19:59 04 Jun 2003

i have pipex and in less than 7 days from order it was up and running no problems
but then you never know how good a company is untill you have a problem

good luck kope every thing works out

  david.h 20:09 04 Jun 2003

i have just moved to pipex, found staff on support very helpful, good adsl performance and reliabilty, web space not very good with xp office programs other that that piont well pleased with them

  beastieboy 20:11 04 Jun 2003

Just thought I'd get a response quicker!

Apart from the blunder of telling me the order had not gone through, they seem to do everything else right!

Please help me people...

Many thanks in advance

  beastieboy 20:19 04 Jun 2003

I understand that they are good to deal with, but I was told the order had not gone through, and I was advised to take out another order if I wanted ADSL.

I did so and was charged for an order which I was told wasn't placed.

I accept that for 99% of the time, they are excellent, but this 1% is getting to me.

Many thanks,


  beastieboy 21:19 04 Jun 2003


Is there anyone out there who can help me?

  Taw 21:23 04 Jun 2003

Been with Pipex for 8 months now and from order to activation they've been great. I think a lot of companies rely on email that much now that some of the dead head phone people are unable to communicate without it being written down for them. I would do out a nice letter to PIpex (yeah thats the paper and pen thing of old) explain clearly and concisely your predicament and I'm sure someone will respond!

  beastieboy 21:31 04 Jun 2003

Cheers for that, I'll have to try this, but I'm scared - Computer Science graduate and MSc e-Business student using pen & paper? Surely not!



  clayton 22:33 04 Jun 2003

you could ask here

click here

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