Pipex 1mb....should i bother??

  SpyMan²°°­­³ {:o)){--< 17:45 06 Feb 2004

I would like a 1mb broadband connection....i have been with Virgin.net 512k broadband for about a year now....and although it is fast...i would like it faster.

Does anybody use PIPEX?? Do you play games and if so...what pings do you get?



  Chegs ® 17:55 06 Feb 2004

If Pipex were the only ISP,I would cease using the net.I was with them,got constant disconnects/unable to reconnect,dog slow speeds,no replies from their helpdesk,etc.I changed ISP's and have yet to have a problem the new ISP's tech support couldn't solve in a few mins.I would suggest you pop over to adslguide and see what others have to say about their ISP.

  anchor 18:03 06 Feb 2004

Chegs ® obviously has had a really bad experience with Pipex.

I, on the other hand, am fully satisfied with their 512 service. Been with them since March 2002, and very, very rarely have there been problems. Good speeds and never disconnected. In almost 2 years there has been only about 3 occasions when I could not connect; and these did not last long. Its true that I don`t play games, or do any "pinging", so cannot comment about this.

Maybe a geographical thing; I live in NW London.

  leo49 18:29 06 Feb 2004

Like Anchor,I've been with Pipex since March 2002 and the 1mb Pipex service since October 2003 and wouldn't wiilingly return to 512kb. Excellent service - I've no homicidal tendencies so don't play games, I'm afraid. :o)

  Manfatha 19:01 06 Feb 2004

I use Pipex's 512mb service,& never EVER have any problems with connection. i think theier service is excellent, & i highly recommend them. I also don't play online games.

  ©®@$? 19:11 06 Feb 2004

i am with pipex 512 and have experienced similar problems to chegs..

what noticable difference is there from 512 -1mb

doesn't it all depend on the server etc that your downloading from, or would streaming be slightly better

what benefits would justify the increase in monthly bill

  bremner 19:28 06 Feb 2004

I have decided to give 1MB a trial (up from 512KB)and downloads are just awesome. 4MB music files form Virgin in 26 seconds!.

A noticeable improvement in web page loading - (don't let anyone tell you web pages don't load quicker on Broadband compared with dial up)

Tried out streamimg video tonight and that shows a marked improvement too.

  ©®@$? 19:34 06 Feb 2004


in terms of speed

i can download at about 58-60kbs with 512kb pipex, what are you getting with your 1 mb service

it should really be double that i would think

  bremner 19:38 06 Feb 2004

Just downloaded the AVG 7 Trial as a test and it varied from 124 - 132KB/sec

It was 9.57MB in 1 minute 19 seconds it reported at the end.

  Djohn 19:44 06 Feb 2004

Hi ©®@$? If bremner can download 4mb in approx. 26 seconds then that will be approx. 155 kb per second. This sounds about right. My 512kb broadband downloads at 66-68kb per second. j.

  Djohn 19:46 06 Feb 2004

Must remember to refresh before posting! Sorry bremner. :o(

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