Pioneer DVR107 not Recognised as 8x in Nero

  allan01 17:47 13 May 2004

I have a pioneer DVR-107 DVD burner in my machine and am running Nero 6, and Windows XP Home edition

My problem is that although the DVR-107 drive is supposed to be capable of burning at 8x, Nero only recognises the drive as capble of 4x.

I am using Infiniti 8x +R discs, but I don't think it is a media issue, as if I check the drive properties from within Nero it tells me the max burn speed is only 4x.

Anybody help!!

  Stuartli 17:59 13 May 2004

You will most likely have to download the latest update for Nero6 ( - ahead offers these on a regulr basis just as it did/occasionally does now with Nero5.

The updates are usually geared to correct small bugs, adding recognition of the latest rewriters and points such as the one you mention.

click here

  allan01 20:03 13 May 2004

Thanks for the advice, but it I have already updated to version and it made no difference.
Any other suggestions?

  accord 21:09 13 May 2004
  allan01 21:44 13 May 2004

Thanks accord. I was aware of the ability to flash the firmware, but had previously shyed away from it. After some deliberation I have given it a go, and managed it succesfully.
The drive will now allow me to burn -R's at whatever speed I want, but will still not let me burn my Infiniti 8x +R's at anything higher than 4x.
The notes with the hacked firmware did say that not all +R discs had been patched to allow 6x and 8x. Sadly it looks like the Infiniti discs must fall into this category.
Looks like I may just have to put this down to being a media issue with the 107 and Infiniti dics. Can you recommend a reasonably priced + format disc that will burn at 8x in this drive?

  Totally-braindead 21:55 13 May 2004

I've looked at the specification, here it is here click here and your writer is definatly capable of writing at 8x. So can I suggest that either you are trying to write to a dvd+rw (rewritable) or what I consider more likely, the Infiniti disk says it is 8x but either your software or your dvd writer doesn't like this particular make. If possible try another make as I remember when I got my first cd writer even although the disks were rated at 16x my writer and software would only write at 8x. I changed the disks to another make and voila it wrote at the 16x. (this was some time ago but I see no reason to presume that DVD writers are any different).

  allan01 22:10 13 May 2004

The discs are definately not RW's, as I bought a spindle of 25 of them, and they are cleary marked as just +R's. Looks like the 107 simply doesn't like writing to Infiniti +R's at any greater than 4x.
I also tried bunging in a 4x +R Infinti that I had lying about, and even with the hacked firmware it was still limited to 4x.
I will try and lay my hands on a different brand of disc and try that. Thanks for your help!

  Totally-braindead 22:11 13 May 2004

I don't know if this will help you but I found a list of DVD+ and - disks that will work, bear in mind though that this is a shops review. click here

  allan01 22:42 13 May 2004

Thanks for the links. Interestingly if you delve into them a bit, even the 8x RITEK +R's listed there are quoted as only being able to burn at 4x in the 107 drive, but at 8x in virtually everything else. Typical!! Will maybe still buy a few 8x +R's to try, failing that I may have to start using -R's instead. Cheers!

  allan01 17:54 14 May 2004

Found a different firmware version that seems to have solved the problem. click here Drive is now recognising the Infiniti discs as 8x finally! Thanks for everybody's help.

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