Pioneer CD/DVD Rewriter (-)

  SAHalliday 23:32 07 Apr 2003

Ive just purchased a new pc complete with Pioneer 105 cd and dvd rewiter in - format. Has anybody out there experienced problems copying on these machines - even copying to cd-r seems to produce more failures than good copies - any ideas?

  stlucia 13:12 08 Apr 2003

I think we need a bit more info. Are you trying to burn a CD-R from data on your HDD, from another CD-R, from a music CD, from a DVD? What kind of failure are you getting -- can't read the CD-R at all, or some data unreadable?

Since it's a new machine, you should consider sending it back.

  SAHalliday 13:43 08 Apr 2003

Trying to burn a cdr-r from a music cd - from a read only drive to a 2nd cdr/dvd-rw drive using software called record now dx - there are 14 tracks on the cd - sometimes it gets to track 5 sometimes 12. When I try to play the copy it plays the tracks its recorded ok, then spins uncontrollably in the cd player - works ok if I copy it to hdd then back to the rewriter. Any ideas?

  Big Elf 13:47 08 Apr 2003

Put the DVD writer on a separate IDE channel to the CD.

  SAHalliday 13:59 08 Apr 2003

Thanks for that one - thats what they said at Packard Bell support, only they made a big point that HDD performance would suffer as a result - what do you think? and is that why im having so many problems - because of the way they're both connected to the same IDE. Seems a little pointless having 2 seperate drives - would have been as well to have paid a lot less and got a PC with a combi drive.

Havn't even dared use the dvd function yet!!!!

  Big Elf 14:05 08 Apr 2003

I've had a CD connected to the same channel as a hard drive in the past with no noticeable degradation in performance. That's not saying that there wasn't it's just that I didn't notice any. If you're confident about opening up the case (and it doesn't invalidate the warranty) I would try it.

Remember to earth yourself before touching anything electrical.

  crx16 14:45 08 Apr 2003

do you which drive is the 'master' and which the 'slave'.im not sure how these functions work,but believe the writer should be a slave.

can anyone confirm...

  Big Elf 14:52 08 Apr 2003

Yes, the Hard drive will be set as master and the writer should be set as slave. Hopefully there will be a diagram on the unit to show you how to change the jumper(s) to set it as slave.

  crx16 15:18 08 Apr 2003

i was thinking master/slave with both CD drives on the same cable,in case thats been part of the trouble.

  Big Elf 15:25 08 Apr 2003

If I've understood correctly it won't be possible to do that.

The hard drive and DVD (or CD) should be on the first IDE channel connected to the same cable and the CD (or DVD)should be on the second channel on a different cable.

  crx16 15:32 08 Apr 2003

i have a CD-ROM and a seperate CD-writer,on the same IDE cable.ROM as master and writer as slave.

is this wrong (been working fine for 2 years).i have a spare connection on the HD IDE,should i be using that.(sorry for jumping in,hope this applies me and SAHalliday).

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