Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.4 - Running Out Of Memory

  johndrew 14:03 09 Dec 2005

I originally posted this in Absolute Beginners (which I am) but there were no takers so I`m hoping for more luck here.

When rendering a large video file (about 4GB on DVD or 1 hour 26 minutes in file length) to be saved as a disk image in Pinnacle, the cursor travels over the file a maximum of 2.4 times and the green progress bar beneath the viewer gets to a maximum of halfway across the progress bar. The program then freezes and I get a message that Pinnacle has run out of memory and must close.

I should also add that a similar problem occurs if I try to produce a .mpg file from the work.

I have 2GB of RAM and the virtual memory on C: is set at 9.184GB, there is over 55GB free space on the hard drive which is well defragmented.
I have also had instances of Pinnacle telling me there was not enough room on D: (94GB free) to render the file.

Task manager shows that at the start of rendering I have 1.33GB RAM free and about 300MB RAM in use; this latter figure rises as the render progresses but I am not certain of its maximum when the program freezes although I have seen it as high as 1.7GB. Pinnacles usage starts at about 250,000K and progressively rises to about 700,000K.

In the latter stages of rendering, whilst the program is still working, Task Manager will occassionally show a single line entry that Pinnacle is Not Responding, this will then clear and the render will continue until a double line entry (Not Responding) is produced at which point I get the Pinnacle is out of memory message.

I have read the Manual and done as ir recommends. I can render small files with no problem and save as a disk image or burn them.

Has anyone an idea as to the cause or for a fix to the problem, please?

  MichelleC 15:49 09 Dec 2005

It's best to turn off all non-vital b/ground progs when rendering as it's a resource hog. (av plus firewall etc). Plus increase paging files on all drives to 3 times total ram. Make sure your hd's are defragged too.

  David4637 16:00 09 Dec 2005

Apart from comment above I use studio 943 on 512MB ram on XP SP2. Although studio occassionally freezes/ closes (runs 90% good)it works well although on a full DVD it probably takes an 1.5 to 2 hours more than real time to produce an editted dvd. David

  johndrew 17:11 09 Dec 2005

I have turned everything I can off, and unplugged the ADSL connection. If by `paging files` you mean virtual memory, it`s already at 9.184GB on all drives. HDs have each been defragged at least 3 times as I saw suggested in another posting.

Keep the suggestions coming, I`ll try anything ...almost!

David4637 - Thanks for the confidence boost, I have waited hours for some rendering, but this is different - i think.

  pj123 17:42 09 Dec 2005

Whether this knocks you down to the ground or not I don't know.

I am using Pinnacle Studio 9.4 (used to have Pinnacle Studio 8 but found the sound sync was out)

Anyway I have just captured a VHS tape with two 1 hour programmes and have had no problems whatsoever.

I just followed the system 1. Capture. 2. Edit (which I didn't need to) and 3. Make Movie.

It took a long time but I now have a DVD instead of a VHS tape. I have always found it takes about 7 hours to make a DVD from VHS/Beta tapes anyway.

I have now got a standalone DVD recorder which will do the same job in realtime. ie. a 3 hour tape takes 3 hours to transfer to DVD.

  woodchip 19:34 09 Dec 2005

I cannot understand that in your post, as I can do the above on a 2.6 Celeron and only 256mb memory faster and no problems on Studio 9.4

Am saying this as I have done it. Graphics is a Ati 9200

  woodchip 19:36 09 Dec 2005

PS are you running Norton Anti-Virus?

  Chegs ®™ 21:24 09 Dec 2005

I gave up with v9.4,it crashed each launch(not strictly true,as windows closed it down at the splashscreen)I removed/reinstalled several times,defragged/ran SFC/added the patch,removed it again,but nothing would allow it to run.I had virtually given up with Studio,when I found my old Studio v8 patch which reminded me I still had v8 somewhere.Installed this,had same trouble as v9 until I added the v8 patch and was able to create my MPEG files ready to be further editted for DVD.Studio appears to be notoriously unreliable for some and totally reliable for others.I have used v9.4 previously with no trouble,same with v8.If I burn this file(MPEG)to disc and then find the sounds out of sync,I'm going to be one very mad parent(its my daughters school play)

  woodchip 21:30 09 Dec 2005

find the sounds out of sync, That used to be problem with a old TV card. But it's OK with digtal camcorder

  johndrew 11:52 10 Dec 2005

Thank you all for your postings. I shall try to answer/reply to all points/questions you pose.

I have no problem in capture from VHS, camera or DVDs produced on the TV DVD recorder.
I would like to use Make Movie but the video content is various shots of holiday that need editing to make them watchable and some soundtrack needs sorting because of other voices captured at the time. Also the variety of shots causes a single soundtrack to be unworkable.

I have an AMD 64 3500+, 2x Nvidia 6600GT (128MB) graphics cards and 2MB DDR SDRAM so there should be no problem there.
I am not running Norton Anti-Virus. I run Kerio Firewall, AVG, Ad-Aware and Spybot but all these are turned off along with anything else I can find.
The sound is in synch as far as I can tell.

I don`t have any other Pinnacle component installed. This is my first ever PC and I only purchased 9.4 in October 2005, just after the machine.
I do have DVD Shrink, Nero InCD and Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2.5SE installed but these are not running when I`m rendering.

Any more suggestions folks? I`m listening.

  MichelleC 12:31 10 Dec 2005

Make sure your hd's are DMA enabled. Another tip for less errors on dv work is to keep main prog on 'c' drive and all editing and rendering on another partition (ideally another hd): ie; if edited work is on 'd' then render to 'e'. (I've got 2 hd's with 5 partitions.)

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