Pinnacle studio 9.4 project crashes when rendering

  TerryN 06:49 30 Sep 2008

Hi everyone, I have been trying to render my latest Studio 9.4 project(which includes a lot of PAN&ZOOM effects), but with no success. I have tried dozens of different methods, including different photos, different hard drives, no menus, with menus etc.
The symptoms are :- If I remove the PAN&ZOOMS it will render. Upon leaving the "Memory Used" window open during rendering I have finally worked out that without PAN&ZOOMS the project gets to about 600,000k Used Memory and is subsequently successful. However, with PAN&ZOOMS included, the rendering process gets to 1.2gb Used Memory (approx 25% of the way through)and stops every time. Even if I change photos or remove some PAN&ZOOMS, the project will stop (at a diffent spot this time) when it gets to about 1.2gb. If I put on say only 20 PAN&ZOOMS, the project will render (as long as it doesn't get to that magic number - 1.2gb Used Memory). I have a huge amount of space on the hard drive (approx 200gb)that I am using for my Aux files. Can anyone tell me why this happens. Maybe 1.2gb is my "Used Memory" Limit ?? ie Maybe Studio 9.4 won't allow any more ?? Can I increase, what seems like, the "Used Memory" limit ?? Many thanks out there, Terry

  €dstowe 07:36 30 Sep 2008

Perhaps it's trying to tell you something. Pans and zooms should be used with discretion and unless you want to induce nausea in some of your audience, pans and especially zooms (tromboning) ought not to be anywhere near 20 - and you say "only 20".

More to the point, I've never had any success with this software. Even without what you are trying to achieve, I found it extremely prone to crashing - usually when it was very well into its processing thus causing the maximum inconvenience and frustration.

  eedcam 08:34 30 Sep 2008

Might be of some use re memory usage
click here

  pj123 12:44 30 Sep 2008

I had a few problems with 9.4 but Pinnacle advised me to download the "Patch".

Have you done that?

I could email it to you but, unfortunately, the .zip file is 68mb.

If you want to download it yourself:

click here

  pj123 12:45 30 Sep 2008

Sorry, should have said, go for the Full Version

  TerryN 13:29 30 Sep 2008

Thanks for your responses everyone. Thank you Eedcam for pointing me to the article about memory.This seems the relevant point. Upon checking in Task manager/Performance/Physical Memory, my total memory is listed as just under 2gb (that is the RAM that I have), with the available memory listed (on this particular project) as approx. 1.2gb (fluctuates a little). And, as mentioned before, that is the "Memory Used" point where my project crashes. And the System Cache indicates approx .7gb. So I assume that as I have reached the available memory point, this project is too big (even though it is only 50minutes - but I guess too many PAN&ZOOMS). If you know of anything else I could try, I'd appreciate it. Thanks also pj123 - I'm sorry I am actually working with Studio 9.43. Do you know if this Memory issue would be the same in version 10, 11 or 12 ?? And thank you Edstowe - I do have a lot of PAN&ZOOMS in this project but I thought I'd try to achieve I think it's called "The Frank Burns Effect" where the photos move around a bit. Is there a better way to do this maybe that could be more Memory friendly ??

  €dstowe 15:09 30 Sep 2008

Too much movement especially zooming (called tromboning) can produce ill effects in some people - akin to being on a roller coaster, I'm told.

One of the "golden rules" in courses on video and the like is to avoid active zooming as much as possible. By all means use the focal length differences obtainable by a zoom lens but the zoom process itself should be consigned to the cutting room floor (not that there is a cutting room any longer but I'm sure you get my meaning).

  Lady Jane 16:04 30 Sep 2008

I experienced something very similar with 9.4 - it does seem to crash midway through rendering medium to large projects very frequently.

Like you, I tried managing my project in different formats, with transitions in and out, menus in and out etc but the problem persisted. After a number of frustrating years with Pinnacle I decided to see if using another suite would do the trick.

I'm now using Sony Vegas 8 (Studio version) - it has far more transitions and is much more intuitive than Pinnacle - the results look much more professional. Crucially, I've created longer and more complex projects without a single crash. It may be worth experimenting with other software to see if stability increases (certainly did for me!).

  woodchip 17:23 30 Sep 2008

When your Installed Ram is used up, it uses free Hard Drive space to work with. This may be your problem. also if you do not have enough free space it will crash

  eedcam 19:09 30 Sep 2008

Freespace is not enough if not defragged . Also can you not render as you edit each piece rather than go for all at once.Dont know how pinnacle works as I use adobe and when I edit a section I render that never had any probs with the ken burns effect .What is the duration of your footage

  woodchip 22:33 30 Sep 2008

Defrag will not make more space

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