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  Lennieboy 15:43 07 Nov 2005

I have just purchased the Dazzle DVC 90 to enable me to capture all my old family videos from my VCR machine, edit them and put them on to DVDs. I've tried it and it works fine using the included 'Studio 9' software. After capturing and editing the film i rendered it in 'AVI' format, and burning it straight to a DVD. Being a complete novice at this, its all guess work and trial and error. Having said that, the quality from the analogue source came out very good, even though the file size is very large and it took a very long time to render the film, (only 6Gb in size). My questions are, (1) is this the best format to render the film in for quality, and also for playing on common standalone DVD players? (2) Is there a more preferential software programme to use than Studio and (3) if i save the film in 'My Videos' to play in Mediaplayer, it wont allow me to burn more copies from there due to a so called 'codec' problem. Would these problems be overcome by saving in a different format?
Many thanks.

  Chegs ® 16:10 07 Nov 2005

1)AVI is the largest filesize as its got the most data in.

2)Studio is good,there are alternatives,some worse,some better,but its mostly upto the users preferences.

3)Dunno,WMP can be a git,so I use other players(WinAmp/JetAudio)

  johndrew 14:59 17 Nov 2005

I also use Pinnacle, but by the sounds of it not as successfully as you. Mine keeps freezing.

However, I save in Mpeg which I find allows me to move it arround easily and use plenty of other utilities (DVD Shrink is a favourite). Your choice but it may be worth a try.

As an aside I am also doing much the same as you (old videos of holidays etc.) and only got my Pinnacle in October 05.

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