Pinnacle PCTV... capture problem !

  denchris 17:35 19 May 2004

I have AMD Athlon 2500, Nvidia graphics,512mb memory and pinnacle PCTV capture card, thru the antenna everything is fine, but for best quality, svideo is the suggested way to go. I have tried all manner of combinations and I can only receive and capture in black/white when using svideo, I have a scart/svideo cable ( Maplin )but I need advice..has any one overcome this problem ?..My aim is to convert my VHS tapes to DVD but preferably in colour, any help ?

  Graham ® 17:46 19 May 2004

VHS to DVD has been covered many times, as a search will reveal. It's not easy, most problems stem from sync'ing the audio with picture, as your computer processes them seperately. Good luck!

  denchris 18:08 19 May 2004

Hi graham, thnx for answering, I have indeed used the search but didn`t find it too helpful in this case, the problem I`m finding is that while antenna reception is in colour, svideo is in B/W..I can record OK between VHS and PC using the coax and in colour...but svideo picture is much better quality but only in B/W.. am I asking too much ?

  €dstowe 18:30 19 May 2004

Capturing video is very resource hungry. Close down ALL unecessary programs, screen savers, power-management, Internet, email, in fact, as much as you can and see how it fares than.

  pj123 19:35 19 May 2004

Make sure you are in PAL mode and not NTSC. NTSC records in B/W.

  slimbo51 19:41 19 May 2004

I had this prob myself with only getting B/W picture using Scart to Svideo cable.

Company in America makes the right cable and box to sort this out.

Bought one cost me $21.95 = £12.00 approx, took about a week to arrive but worked first time in COLOUR. Postage by air mail is free.

Can't remember Co name, but all I did was type into Google "Scart to Svideo cable" (No Quotes) and then searched the sites.

I use a Aver Media Capture card but am told will work with any card with Svideo.

One word of warning make sure the cable and box is for "Scart OUT Svideo IN" sound and picture.

I bought a cable from Maplins myself so I know it will only work in B/W.

Hope This info helps

  denchris 19:42 19 May 2004

Before I even try to capture I can only view in colour using the coax input..the svideo input ( scart to svideo )only receives B/W...set to PAL

  denchris 19:49 19 May 2004

Thnx, I`ll try to type faster,that`s the track I needed to get me wasting any more time..I`ll follow your lead !

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