Pinnacle INSTANT CD/DVD - "class not registered"

  o44wen 19:22 30 Apr 2005

when i click on Copy CD/DVD i get a comment saying, "class not registered".

Does anyone know what has happened.

I reinstalled Windows XP and then reinstalled Pinnacle and put in the serial number but then when i opened the programme up it comes with the top problem.

Also when i try to make a VCD or DVD movie using the import facility it always says that thefile is not supported, however these are the same files that i had been using before!!!

It did all work before I reinstalled.

Please help me out guys,

  lotvic 23:17 30 Apr 2005

maybe you could try uninstalling prog and then installing it again.

  o44wen 00:49 01 May 2005

forgot to say that i have done that several times

  Tenacious Green 08:27 01 May 2005

I had nothing but trouble with Pinnacle/Instant CD/DVD and although I don't think I experienced your particular problem on my Mesh AMD 64 3000+, My advice would be uninstall and go for something like Roxio which I find more stable with excellent facilities.

  o44wen 11:06 01 May 2005

cool same pc that i have, the Mesh AMD 64 3000+

I just dont like to buy software when i can get some for free, however i am thinking with this problem i might have to. Done many searches on Pinnacle on the net and most people problems with this software.

Anyone know the cheapest place to get Nero?

  SEASHANTY 11:15 01 May 2005

Your problem is propably due to the software license - for use on one pc. Most likely sees your reinstall as as being installed on another pc. Ask pinnacle about this problem.

Get Nero? I have Nero 6 Reloaded on one pc and Roxio Media Creator 7 on another pc. Nero gives me nothing but trouble - Roxio has more applications and is far easiefr to use. Purchased the Roxio 7 suite from (an Amazon reseller) Cost £11-99 for fully boxed retail version - brand new) Plus airpostage from Germany which brought the total to £15-22. What a bargain. It is fantastic. Roxios new version 7.5 is now available tho.

  o44wen 11:29 01 May 2005

I did have Roxio CD copier with my old computer, it came with the CD RW drive and i did like it very much. And the price you said you got Roxio for is really good so i might consider it.

  Tenacious Green 11:44 01 May 2005

Knowing you own the same Pc as me enforces my opinion of Pinnacle's Instant CD/DVD. I use Roxio and it works very well and, touch wood, has not caused any problems on my Mesh.

When I first got my Mesh PC I had a week of crashes and problems. I removed Pinnacle and apart from one Service Pack 2 issue (resolved) it has been, touch wood, plain sailing.

  SEASHANTY 12:07 01 May 2005

The new Roxio Media Suite v7.5 is now £50 on Amazon. The Creator 7 is only a couple of quid cheaper and the only reseller available at mo is one in Florida USA. £26 but it may attract customs vat + the £4 UK P.O. charge coming from the States.
click here

  SEASHANTY 12:11 01 May 2005

....and the link doesn't work either. Think Amazon prefers the IE browser.

  SEASHANTY 15:25 01 May 2005

As a comparison - our local branch of WH Smith have two copies of the boxed Roxio Media Creator 7 on the racks. The price is £69-99. With the new version now out some resellers on Amazon may get surplus stocks of the v7 boxes. I should wait a while before purchasing if you can.

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