Pinnacle 9 - opening captured mpegs

  EFC1878 21:11 07 Feb 2005

Becasue of the sync problems in capturing analogue video with DVC80 I now use ADS Tecgh DVDXpress which can capture MPEG2 with no sync issue on its own software.

Whilst Pinnacle does not recognise the capture device it does seem to allow me to open the mpeg2 in Edit mode and I can then work on them.

The question that i would like advice on is this. This seems to work fine for short mpegs e.g. up to 4 1/2 mins but after that the when open the video it seems to hang at the 'Scene Detection' box with the comment 'detecting scenes from vidoe files'.

On mpegs of 6 a dn 9 mins I have given up waiting. Am I just being impatenient.

Would appreciate any ideas


  PA28 21:39 07 Feb 2005

Are you using XP with NTFS - otherwise you may be hitting file size limitations.

  EFC1878 21:44 07 Feb 2005

I use XP but At the risk of appearing thick I am not sure if I use NFTS.

Can you advise how I would check and if I am what alternatives might be open to me.


  PA28 21:48 07 Feb 2005

Open My Computer, right click on the drive you want information on and select properties. this'll tell you whether the disk is formatted to NTFS File System or FAT32

  EFC1878 21:59 07 Feb 2005

My hardrive is formatted to NFTS.

Any suggestions?

When I capture direct into Pinnacle using the DVD80 I can capture longer files . So I am assume that NFTS issue only kicks when opening the MPEG files that have been captured separately

I guess I could capture as short files; open them separately, splice them together and then render as a single MPEG and then burn to DVD as normal i.e. as if captured direct into Pinnacle.

Does this sound feasible?

  PA28 22:07 07 Feb 2005

No file size limitations with NTFS, so that's not it. I capture analogue video from a conventional VCR connected through my camcorder which acts as an analogue to digital converter, feeding a firewire capture into Pinnacle as normal. This is problem free apart from the fact that you can't control the capture directly (I just let it run). Pinnacle will check the capture speeds of your disk, so if there's sufficient speed and space, it should work. Can you not capture directly into Pinnacle using a method like this?

  PA28 22:08 07 Feb 2005

Gotta go now - will check back tomorrow. :-)

  EFC1878 22:19 07 Feb 2005

Ok thanks for your interest and help.

Sorry I misread your point earlier i.e. as I am using NFTS the file size limitation does not apply.

I used to use DVD80 as the capture device (whihc converts analogue to digital but recently bought ADS Tech DVDXpress because it claimed to have 'perfect lip sync' in order to overcoem the audit/video sync problem of the DVC80 in Pinnacle.

I must say that I am impressed with the DVDXPress i.e. a 9 min movie had no loss of sync whereas previously it used to go with DVC80 after just over a minute.

So you can see that I want to be able to take the mobvies captured via the DVDXpress (using its own capwiz software) into Pinnacle which I like as an editing software tool.

Would be intersted for any updates. Will check tomorrow.



  PA28 15:20 08 Feb 2005

OK - I've had a look at DVDXpress' website and from what I can see this is a package to copy and backup DVDs. Now I may be wrong here, as I can't say that I'm familiar with all that it does, but I suspect that the compression techniques that it uses (to get a 9gb DVD onto a 5gb DVD-R or whatever) may be incompatible with further editing. Neither could I find any hint of the ability to convert an analogue signal to digital (DVD copying is digiatal to digiatl, of course) Hence Pinnacle is trying to read files that it hasn't a cat-in-hells chance of grasping. Like I say, I might be wrong!

Could I suggest using a more conventional means of capturing analogue (as I've indicated above, or perhaps through a TV card or other Analogue to Digital hardware device) - then feed to Pinnacle to edit (in the shape of .mpg files). I've never had any problems with sound synch using this method, though I seem to recall seeing something on the Pinnacle Website, I believe.

  EFC1878 21:54 08 Feb 2005

Not sure of you have looked at the wrong product [sounds like a product on dvdxsoftware)

I am using ADS Tech DVD Xpress [click here] that is an analogue capture device using its own software [Capwiz] whihc comes packaged with Ulead VideoStudio.

I have used this cature device to capture the video in MPEG-2 format and then open and edit as an mpg file in Edit within Pinnacle.

However it seems to baulk at opening video files over a certain movie length i.e. 5 minutes.

  EFC1878 22:46 18 Feb 2005


Just to provide an update and let you know that I ran an upgrade of Pinnacle and for once this seemed to have an instant positve effect in that I was able to open longer movies i.e. 10 mins whihc I did not succeed to do previously.

Will continue to test it out

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