pink tinted screen

  starlou1 21:07 05 Apr 2007

ok ive reached boiling point with this screen. i know people will say change the monitor, change the video card, change the cables, but i've done all of these i've even bought a new motherboard, processor and graphics card and i still have a pink tinted screen.HELP!! i probably wouldn't mind if i was a girly girl but i not and it is now really annoying me. what else could it possibly be. im currently using a crt monitor although i will be upgrading within the next couple of months to an lcd, but i've changed my monitor several times and it still happens, all cables are securly attached everything is how it should be. its got me i just cant find any other solutions to this pink nightmare! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! thanks in advance.


  De Marcus™ 21:13 05 Apr 2007

If you've replaced every component but the hard drive, then I'd suggest looking at your drivers and any associated software (had this problem once caused by a bad codec but only appeared in video).

  riiverstock 21:16 05 Apr 2007

I've come across this problem before.
At the time I was advised by an electrical whizz that it sounded like bad Cable connections!

Have you tried a different kettle power cable?
Are you pushing it fully in?

  De Marcus™ 21:19 05 Apr 2007

Or nearby magnetic fields, like speakers, etc.

  Totally-braindead 21:23 05 Apr 2007

If you have replaced everything, and the proper graphics card drivers are installed then like De Marcus™ the only suggestion I can give is some sort of electrical interference.
You could try moving the PC to another room just to see what happens, just base unit, keyboard, mouse and monitor. Or even before you do that try disconnecting and moving the speakers.

  GEEKSTA 21:24 05 Apr 2007

Just what De Marcus™ said, keep all magnetic objects away from the screen for the meantime.

Keep the monitor area clear from everything and see if that makes any difference. ?

  De Marcus™ 21:29 05 Apr 2007

Have you tried a degauss?

  starlou1 00:23 06 Apr 2007

i have degaussed it, i've just put new motherboard, processor and graphics and reformatted the hard drive and its still pink. there are no magnetic devices near the monitor in fact the monitor is in a cupboard in my room. ive moved my computer from the front room to my bedroom and its still pink. the only thing i haven't changed is the hard drive, ram and kettle lead but i have replaced the fuse in the kettle lead from a 13amp (god knows why that was in there) to a 5amp, and i also have changed the case or some of the IDE cables. as u can image i have changed a lot of stuff and still get a girly pink screen. its a nightmare come true.

  phono 01:01 06 Apr 2007

Is the monitor cable a "captive cable", in other words, permanently fixed to the monitor, or is there a connector on each end?

If it is the latter and has a connector on both ends it is most likely a faulty VGA cable, do you use any sort of extension cable or adaptor? If so they are most likely suspect.

  crosstrainer 01:10 06 Apr 2007

New Monitor

Also sexism is not required!

  phono 01:27 06 Apr 2007

starlou1 has already said "but i've changed my monitor several times and it still happens"

Having said that, when I first glanced at this thread that was my initial conclusion.

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