pink lines on monitor

  AFT 20:17 07 May 2007

pink lines on monitor

Hi could anyone help me please. My computer has pink lines on it and I dont know what it is. Someone said it could be the graphics card. sometimes when i switch on one half of the screen is light pink and the other half is fine. I have swapped monitors to check but it is still doing the same. My card is a Radeon 9800 xxl.I have updated all the drivers and clean all the dust but no joy. any help would be appreciated.
many thanks

  amonra 20:32 07 May 2007

CRT or LCD ?

  AFT 21:07 07 May 2007

hi it is an LCD. I have tried another monitor but it is still the same. (the card is a radeon 9800xt - not xxl!!)

  Totally-braindead 21:07 07 May 2007

I suspect that you don't know how to carry on AFT. Just type in the box below and click Post Response.

  Totally-braindead 21:08 07 May 2007

Sorry you do know how to carry on.

  kev d 21:20 07 May 2007

PC and monitor connections to see if the problem is corrected? It could be as simple as a loose or broken cable connection. I have experienced a similar problem when using a projector and it was due to a broken cable. Good luck - let's hope it is a cheap fix!

  AFT 21:29 07 May 2007

yes i took the cable out and made sure there were no bent pins. If i need a new card can anyone recommend one. someone said radeon are not very good if playing games online (son does this)and rec nvidea - is this better for games?

  Totally-braindead 21:35 07 May 2007

No in my opinion its not really true, both makes have good cards it depends what games you play and how much you wish to spend.
Also what the speed of your PC is, theres no point spending a lot of money on a graphics card for a old computer.
Can you tell us what speed your computer is?
Since it is a 9800 you have I presume its a AGP card.
How much are you wanting to spend?

Before you consider this option could you remove the graphics card and refit it to see if its just a bad connection internally. If you haven't done this before its a tight fit in the AGP slot and do switch the PC off first. And the card might be held in with a little plastic lock.
Are you confident enough to do something like this, if not do you know someone who is.

  AFT 21:48 07 May 2007

hi its a pentium 4 2.3ghz. with 512Ram. is that what you need to know? the computer is about 3yrs old. my son plays counter strike + battlefield 2 online. i know someone that could take the card out and have a look for me.

  AFT 21:50 07 May 2007

sorry... in answer to your question - it is a AGP card and i was thinking of spending up to £100 will that get me a decent one?

  Totally-braindead 21:58 07 May 2007

Oh yes. For £100 you could get something quite a bit better than what you have, away to see whats on offer.

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