ping / tracert query

  gizzyx 19:01 12 Nov 2005

i've just set up a netwotk with 2 pc's and an adsl bridge router. i've got my internet set up and everything seems ok. however, although i can access the internet, when i try to "ping" a site or ip address,i get a request timed out result.same thing happens with tracert.i can however ping the loopback address, the other pc and the router. just cannot seem to ping a remote address!any idea why this could be.

  LastChip 21:08 12 Nov 2005

If you can ping internally, but not externally, is your firewall stopping it?

  gizzyx 00:15 13 Nov 2005

turned off windows firewall but maybe router built in firewall has something to do with it. does ping/ tracert use a specific port, which may be blocked by the router firewall?

  LastChip 12:15 13 Nov 2005

You say you can access the Internet, so clearly your Firewall is allowing Internet traffic. What exactly are you trying to ping?

  gizzyx 17:39 13 Nov 2005

firstly let me explain why i'm trying to ping. i'm studying for network+ certification. when i had 1 pc and a usb adsl broadband connection i could ping a url or ip address and usually get the usual 4 packets sent / 4 packets received type response. since setting up the network with the adsl bridge router, i can access web pages with internet explorer. i know the internet connection is set up ok because i can browse the web. what i can't get my head around is that although i know this fact, ping is there to check network connectivity. there is a connection as i can see the web pages but cannot ping the ip address. also with tracert, just keep getting the request timed out message.

  LastChip 18:17 13 Nov 2005

Have you actually checked your router to see if it is set to allow ping's?

For example, in my set-up it's turned off as an added security precaution. I can't remember now whether I did it, or it came configured that way, but it doesn't matter, the end result is the same and if I want to ping an address for some reason, I have to go into the router set-up pages and enable the service. In fact, I've got everything turned off, except the specific services I need.

Remember, it is a service in itself. The fact that you can access the Internet, does not mean that service is active.

  theboxes 14:03 14 Nov 2005

Hi, can someone explain to me what "pinging" is..I am trying to figure out how to set up a network and keep seeing this "ping" stuff, should I need to do it, I have no idea what or how!!

  LastChip 15:06 14 Nov 2005

Ping first of all, is a command. You use it in a command prompt environment.

The ping command, sends four small packets of data to the address you specify and expects four to be returned.

If you have a good connection, you will see 100% returns. Some networks with problems, may see "packets dropped" and it's a matter of interpretation as to how important that is in the context of the test being carried out.

However, if you get a "request timed out" message for each of the packets, it means you have a major problem somewhere with either the physical connection (network cards, cables etc.) or with the set-up of the network software.

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