Ping difference between laptop and desktop

  Darthchaffinch 21:05 15 Oct 2009

My desktop ping is ~200, but this lappy is ~30, any ideas what's 'wrong' with my desktop pls? Both are wireless, the BT homehub is nearer the desktop. Thanks.

  woodchip 21:57 15 Oct 2009

Why worry, its not going to make no difference to your download speed

  Darthchaffinch 21:58 15 Oct 2009

sure, but does to playing COD4 online! :(

  PalaeoBill 22:04 15 Oct 2009

You need to give more information. What do you mean by ~200 and ~30.

When you ping an IP address the response will be a round time trip figure in milliseconds (for the ping to go out and the echo or pong to come back).
There is also TTL (time to live) figure which is essentially a counter in seconds that says when to discard the packet if it doesn't get through. Every device e.g. router that forwards the packet will deduct time from the TTL.

Are you pinging the desktop's IP from the laptop and vice versa?

  woodchip 22:07 15 Oct 2009

Its most likely your Windows Settings on the Slow PC us TCPOptimizer to speed it up click here

  PalaeoBill 22:09 15 Oct 2009

In terms of COD4 performance, ping will not help you. Ping measures the network latency (the minimum time needed to send the smallest amount of data) it is affected by the receive & retransmit delay in the network card and router. It has nothing to do with bandwidth (max data that can be transmitted per second) or throughput (actual data transmitted per second).

  PalaeoBill 22:11 15 Oct 2009

Go woodchip.
What he said.

  Darthchaffinch 22:44 15 Oct 2009

thanks chaps/ladies- the figures are in ms, from will try woodchips link :)

  Darthchaffinch 17:43 20 Oct 2009

tried the optimiser - no change.
It's not just gaming affected - the load times of web pages are also very different. Have also run spy/virus scans (all clear).

Any other ideas pls??

  woodchip 18:47 20 Oct 2009

It may just be the Hardware thats not fast enough, Try a USB Dongle cost about a Tenner

  woodchip 18:49 20 Oct 2009

When you used the Software did you try different settings as you can restore these if you create a backup

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