Kaacee 10:56 29 Aug 2009

I think I am correct in assuming the lower the "ping" the better the download speed.

I test my download speed daily and most of the time the ping is between 51-56, my download speed is 0.5Mbs maximum.

Today I checked ping and it is 86, however my download speed is 1.21Mbs.......

Can anyone explain why this might be please, and if indeed the ping is relevant to the speed obtained.

  woodchip 12:25 29 Aug 2009

Test it hear if you watch the Ping is done first
Just done mine
click here
Ping 111 ms
Download 5778 kbps
Upload 741 kbs

  Kaacee 13:54 29 Aug 2009

Just done that woodchip

ping 88
down 1215 kbps
up 269 kbps

  johnincrete 17:33 29 Aug 2009

Here in Greece, Chania, Crete we have just had new cables for broadband & I was upgraded from 1MBps to 2 free of charge. But the truth is 184/1796/261. Pain in the neck when trying to watch video but it's OK for my normal use.

  Clapton is God 17:41 29 Aug 2009

You tell us your download speed is 1.21Mbs, but you haven't said what package you're on - 2Mbs, 8Mbs, etc. etc?

  Dirk Diggler 17:43 29 Aug 2009

On Virgin L package (10MB)

Ping 45ms
Down 9331 kbps
Up 486 kbps

  wiz-king 17:48 29 Aug 2009

Virgin cable 10Mb
ping 26ms,
down 9852Kb
up 483Kb

About normal

  lotvic 21:07 29 Aug 2009

ping: 114ms
Down: 1916 kbps
Up: 212 kbps

talktalk up to 8Mb
using ethernet cable to connect router to pc

  Sea Urchin 22:42 29 Aug 2009

Ping: 73 ms

Down: 6994 kbps

Up: 665 kbps

  cap46 05:21 30 Aug 2009

Virgin xxl 50MB

Download:49001kbps !!!!

Upload:1596kbps !

Anyone beat that ?

  woodchip 14:51 30 Aug 2009

BT line cannot compare with your Cable connections

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