Pinacle Studio 9

  281apple 17:15 27 Jan 2008

I've been using Pinnacle Studio 9 for a few years now and am almost satisfied with it. All of my videos burned on DVD's can be read on any computer but they do not usually work at all on DVD Players. If, however, someone buys a DVD film in a shop, he/she can always play it on a DVD Player and it is really rare when it can not be played. That should mean (?) that DVD films bought in a shop or elsewhere have a special format which enables them to be read on almost any DVD Player. WHAT IS THIS FORMAT? HOW CAN I GET IT ONTO MY COMPUTER AND GET IT TO WORK SO MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS CAN SEE MY DVD's on their DVD Players? IS THERE ANOTHER MOVIE EDITOR (something similaire to Studio 9) that can be used so that the final burned DVD can be seen on almost any DVD Player? What about Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8, can it do it?

  woodchip 18:09 27 Jan 2008

How are you burnning? try Meg2

  moorephil 18:32 27 Jan 2008

I have been using Pinnacle for years and found it a brilliant software for movies ect,not sure what your problem is exactly.Like you say if you buy a shop DVD they work in all DVD players,these disks have been specially manufactured and no DVD burner will ever compete with that.
What you have to bear in mind is what Blank media you use,there is some shocking stuff out there,also,what burning software have you got what Pinnacle can work with,Nero for example works great with Pinnacle.
It does'nt matter what other movie editor you choose either,all you need is the right disk's and a decent burning software.
Don't know wether this makes any sense to you if you want to know any more let me know.

  woodchip 18:42 27 Jan 2008

They should work if using Pinnacle DVD burning software

  281apple 06:34 28 Jan 2008

I guess I should give more info to you. I edit either videos or slideshows and sometimes I mix pictures with films. I then create the film with MEPEG 2. Once the film is created, I burn it with Nero 6. the DVD final disk can be read on any PC but almost never on a DVD Player. Moorephil, you mentioned the right disk. Is there something special about disks? Maybe I should be burning directly using Studio? A buddy of mine says he burns using AVI and he can read his Studio films on his DVD Player as well as on his computer. I like working with Studio, I can use most of it very easily, but I am seeking a way so that when I send DVD's made with Studio they can be seen in my family's DVD Players. Sorry if I was not clear on my first message.

  woodchip 16:44 28 Jan 2008

I use 9 and always use Studio Burner

  asrobs 16:56 28 Jan 2008

Hi, perhaps its the type of DVD you are buying?? do they not all say that DVD-R are more generally acceptable than most.

  Bagsey 17:07 28 Jan 2008

Have you finalsed the DVD after you have burned it.
I had the same problem but finalisation cured it for me.
As for disc types. My old DVD player takes only Dvd+R while my newish machine will take just about any dvd. But to get them to play my pinnacle discs finalisation is a must.

  asrobs 17:11 28 Jan 2008

Hi, just a thought now that Pinnacle are no longer supporting Studio 9 do they still expect us to buy their upgrades to Studio 9???

  281apple 17:59 28 Jan 2008

I think I got the message, thanks . It seems that I should have been using Studio to burn my DVD's instead of creating a film, saving it onto my hard disk and then using Nero 6 to burn it. I'll check out burning it from Studio to my DVD. As concerns asrobs questions, I don't know the answer.

  moorephil 18:52 28 Jan 2008

Yes "281apple", there is something special about disk's, buy japanese disk's every time,"Tayo Yuden" for example are excellent.
Incidently,I always burn using the studio burner.
Curious,"Bagsey",not heard of this finalisation of a disk, what and how do do this?

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