Pig Pen Font

  originalmiscellany 16:45 21 Jun 2005

I'm having to produce a worksheet for school on cryptology, including pig pen codes. I can write these out by hand, but i was wondering if it was possible to obtain the font...
I've had a good look and can't find where to order it from in real life.

Can anyone help?

click here

Thanks in advance!

I guess my ideal solution would be someone to say to me that they have a freeware font which has the certain shapes I need! I can hope I guess.

  Graham ® 17:04 21 Jun 2005

Any good? click here

  leo49 17:08 21 Jun 2005

I don't think he wants that Pigpen font - I took it that he wants the symbols that replace letters in the cypher.

  originalmiscellany 17:11 21 Jun 2005

that is correct:
Sorry I'll explain again.

I'm after the symbols used in pigpen rather than a font called Pigpen - the link

click here

shows you the shapes I'm looking for.


  Graham ® 17:11 21 Jun 2005

I agree! I'm trying to remember the Run command to make your own characters. First one gets'em in!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 21 Jun 2005

list +explanation of run comands type

windir%\hh.exe ms-its:C:\WINDOWS\Help\ntcmds.chm::/ntcmds.htm

into runbox click ok

  Graham ® 17:29 21 Jun 2005

Cannot find windir%\hh

  originalmiscellany 17:32 21 Jun 2005

i got the same problem.
I had a friend called Kevin who we called "fruit bat" - no relation to you I trust?

  Graham ® 17:35 21 Jun 2005

Put % at the beginning.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:41 21 Jun 2005

%windir%\hh.exe ms-its:C:\WINDOWS\Help\ntcmds.chm::/ntcmds.htm

  Graham ® 17:46 21 Jun 2005

Got it! Private Character Editor - eudcedit. My round, Dial House Club, 8pm.

originalmiscellany, you'll have to make your own.

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